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Unknown Artist – Highest Point EP [Capodopere]

The well-known Romanian record label Capodopere returns with the fifth instalment in the vinyl-only series, this time the artist preferring not to share his name and just let the music do the talking. “Highest Point EP” delivers two fresh tracks, one on each side, designed with serious uplifting and hypnotic techno sounds. There are no anticipations of what comes next…

With Mihai Pol, Incolor and label head himself, Dinu Pancov aka Suolo delivering strong EPs for the 12” series until now and with artists like Kikuya, Dieru, Pedro Duarte, Lama Brothers, Robert David, Silat Beksi, Herck, Olivian Nour, Vlad Dinu and Primarie, to name just a few, signing amazing digital works, the imprint is a beacon for top-quality electronic music worldwide.

The EP flows with energy and precise drumming, bringing forward a distinct sound ready to sweep the dancefloors at peak hour. Both tracks go past the nine minutes mark, each revealing itself in very different ways, yet complementing each other. A smooth collectable right here!

On Side A, the title track “Highest Point” reveals a carousel of percussive elements flowing alongside a simply delicious phat bassline that calls for wild dancing while drawing your full attention. Subtle synth notes and eerie vocal cuts add even more depth to the arrangements, making the track totally immersive and engaging.

On Side B, “Obscur” goes on a dark spiral, with long and trippy background textures carefully blended with layers of effects and subtle pipe organ patterns. The ethereal realm is meddled by stripes of heavy modulated vocals that remind us of Debi Mae West, creating a haunting dimension and building tension at the same time.

Unknown Artist - Highest Point EP [Capodopere] side a

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Artist: Unknown Artist
Title: Highest Point EP
Label: Capodopere
Cat. number: CPDLTD005
Release date: 17.06.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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