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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Herck – Horcrux [Trick Track Records]

Trick Track Records presents its third vinyl-only release, this time Herck and Somesan being the protagonists. The 12” is titled “La Mesure” and features two fresh tracks from each artist on Side B and one collaborative composition on Side A. Founded in 2012 and based in The Netherlands, the label is known for its releases signed by the likes of Mihai Pol, Dual Shaman, Kay Clef, Turbokitchen, Raul Garcia and Robin Schulz.

Herck is definitely one of the most forward-thinking DJs and producers coming from the local scene, always ready to deliver astounding electronic dance music through his selections and productions. His works can be found in the catalogues of imprints like Muted Noise, Abstrakt Minded Records, Osmosis Audio, Otomoji, Curtea Veche, Roche Madame, Complatt, Auroom and Sanguina Records, to name only a few. His style includes out-of-this-world soundscapes, trippy and engaging percussive elements and eerie modulations. For this EP he switches gears, going for a deep and melodic sound alongside Somesan Adrian, a rising talent in the Romanian underground scene. This split release goes hand-in-hand with the hot weather outside, so before you’ll hear it at major events this summer enjoy the full-length cut “Horcrux” by Herck exclusively on feeder sound:

The track slowly builds itself, progressively revealing its arrangements and sequences. The rhythm flows at a steady pace while long and bright atmospheres evolve in the background. The playful synth notes that make up the core pattern elegantly blend with the pulsating bassline adding a colourful dimension to the sound.

Designed by both artists, the title track “La Mesure” reveals a deep and relaxed rhythm, flavoured with hypnotic vocal samples, a wobbling bassline and groovy effects, while Somesan drops a heavy-percussive cut with his solo composition “Cu Efect”. Atypical to any EP, the record is a complex presentation of individual and collective artistic creativity.

Grab your copy of La Mesure on deejay.de.


Artist: Herck, Somesan
Title: B1. Herck – Horcrux / La Mesure
Label: Trick Track Records
Cat. No.: TRCKV03
Release date: 03.07.2019


Words by: AndreiB


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