Unknown – Unknown / Stowaway 003 [Stowaway]

Unknown – Unknown / Stowaway 003 [Stowaway]

Unknown – Unknown / Stowaway 003 [Stowaway]

After two (001 and 002) successful releases supported by many well-known artists in the scene, Stowaway is back with another hot wax. As you perhaps know by now, Nu Zau is the one behind this project, although this electronic adventure is exclusively focused on the music and not on the artist.

“Stowaway 003” is the third 12” coming from Nu Zau‘s mysterious world of unreleased tracks and one that sure provides that swift minimal rhythm we all love. Unknown by Unknown is a truthful manner of letting the sounds speak for themselves.

Grab your copy of Stowaway 003 at deejay.de

Unknown – Unknown / Stowaway 003 [Stowaway]

Artist: Unknown 
Title: Unknown
Label: Stowaway
Cat. number: STOWAWAY003
Release date: 25.10.2018
Format: Vinyl-only



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