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feeder jukebox #15 Derek - Experimental Rec001

feeder jukebox #15 by Derek – Experimental Rec 001

feeder jukebox #15 by Derek – Experimental Rec 001

After having Derek as a guest on the feeder sound podcast and feeder insider series, we thought we knew all about him, but there is more to discover. Aside from his work dedicated to the electronic dance music culture, he also enjoys digging for unconventional sounds and exploring the depths of music. Experimental Rec 001 taps into the abstract, revealing another side of the artist, one that likes to dive deep into patterns that push boundaries and genres.

Listening closely to Derek‘s productions and releases with Hourglass LTD, Parang, Tzinah and Youth Invasion Muzik, we notice influences from musique concrete, glitch, leftfield and electroacoustic music. He often integrates warping sounds and intricate structures in his compositions, carefully blending them with contemporary rhythms that belong to the realm of minimalistic techno. And there’s no surprise that the outcome is outstanding. Today’s electronic music is a fusion of various genres and subgenres, an ongoing experiment on sound and rhythm that started back in the 70s’. Time to explore the unfamiliar, the building blocks of modern musical languages, together with the mastermind behind VHS Records, a versatile artist with a passion for glitching systems.

feeder jukebox #15 selected by Derek unfolds as an eclectic selection of sound experiments and complex patterns, designed by prominent artists that reside outside of time. The first to stand out is Robert Ashley, with his “Automatic Writing”, exploring involuntary speech combined with a mysterious and melancholic form of early ambient. As the bleeping continues and the sounds morph, we discover excerpts from La Sonorité Jaune, a French group, active during the late 80’s. Dark atmospheres, slow drones, industrial sounds, and uncommon editing. A swift example of avant-garde music. Another artist we notice is Federico Schumacher and his out-of-this-world composition “Estrellas Compactas”. The recording consists of all the sounds that can possibly be obtained from a flexible vacuum cleaner tube and a tape machine. There’s no limit to imagination and music making, and this mix nails it. After Federico’s twisted shapes we can hear fragments from “Pools and Currents” signed by Denis Smalley. The sonic images are based on analogies between water and sound, colours and light, motion and turbulence. Fading into tranquillity, the set provides a melodic ending with a focus on soft piano keys and bright spacious backgrounds, perfect for chill-out times. Enjoy!


Words by AndreiB

Derek: soundcloud // facebook // VHS Records
feeder sound: // soundcloud


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