Dirk Sid Eno – 5 Records That Never Leave My Bag (feat. exclusive unreleased track)

We had a chat with Dirk Sid Eno, who is set to release ‘Hitachi’ EP on Dantze over the next while, about the 5 records he always keeps handy in his bag, including a exclusive track for Feeder which is previously unreleased. Check them out below!

Paul McCartney & Wings Vs Timo Maas & James Teej – Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five (Kerri Chandler Kaoz 623 Again Vocal Mix)

I really loved the original one and Timo Maas put some interesting ideas to it, but man, the Kerry Chandler Remix is killing it! This hell of a groove monster makes you wanna shake your ass off and have a legendary night on every dancefloor.


Axel Boman – Purple Drank

I am a huge fan of Axel Boman (who, by the way is one the nicest guys ever) and everything he does, but ‘Purple Drank’ for me drags so many good memories and feelings, that I have this track always loaded and ready to be played, when this feelings rush me.


Pachanga Boys – Time

How many goosebumps can one track create? Guess you’ll never know (to quote one oft he greatest philosophers living, haha), but what I do know, that ‘Time’ will always create a lot of. Each and every single time you hear it. And if you happen to play somewhere outside while the sun rises, this might be an option.


The Knife – Silent Shout (Williams Acidic Circuits Remix)

Massive headbanger, my absolute weapon if for some reason a night won’t kick off. These acid sounds even sweeten one of he biggest songs ever made.

Iconic song meets ecstatic basslines. Fantastic!


AcidManço & DirkSidPauli – Sabah Sabah Odonya´da

So here is a big exclusive for you and your readers. Acid Pauli was a big fan of my track ‘Morgens in Odonien’ but unfortunately it never came to a remix due to schedule reasons. But one of the last times we met, he surprised me with an edit he used to play many times, adding a well-known Turkish song to the track’s beginning. Awesome idea!

I really love to surprise my audience with this. Until now only Acid Pauli and I have owned this version, so I had to upload it to YouTube exclusively. Tracks not listed, so please share!


Dirk Sid Eno – Hitachi EP is out 30/11 on Dantze.

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