feeder sound 153 mixed by TIJN

feeder sound 153 mixed by TIJN

feeder sound 153 mixed by TIJN

British DJ and producer TIJN is on a roll, with his funky and minimalistic inclined productions being released by the likes of Memoria, Body Parts, Leftback, Overall Music LTD, Isgud, Decay Records, Moss.co and EWax, to name a few. He is also the owner of In Haus Wax, self-titled TIJN and Deep Edition Recordings labels.

In December 2017 his “Don’t Stay Still” EP marked the debut of Trim Records in Amsterdam and the cover art, made by the young artist Iabo, is available to view at Amsterdam’s Art Gallery 3035. Recently TIJN has also revealed to us his Top 5 tracks of the year, a sweet selection that you need to check out!

“Really enjoyed putting this mix together for you guys, I’ve been enjoying your mix series for a while now. The mix has some new material from Matt Star, DK, Herck and second from last track is my edit of Harry McCanna’s Subdivisions.”

You can download Harry McCanna & DTG – Subdivisions (TIJN Remix) for free from the Leftback Records soundcloud page.

feeder sound 153 mixed by TIJN has a vibe to it! 🔊 Punchy tech rhythms, minimalistic and deep sounds, hypnotic and groovy sequences make the mix flow with elegance as the carefully selected tracks blend smoothly one into the next. An exquisite journey to enjoy right here! 🚀🎶

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Words by AndreiB


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