Art journeys into Romanian public spaces

Art journeys into Romanian public spaces

Art journeys into Romanian public spaces

There is an increasing number of murals to be found in the Bucharest public spaces. They mark at an affective level, areas and bind communities. proposes new routes for urban exploration of artistic interventions that regenerate public space.

We introduce 11 spots for alternative art journeys that promote urban exploration, access collective memory and reveal, layer-by-layer, the multi-culturalism of the city, enhancing feelings of belonging and affection towards Bucharest, a place-making process.

The residents of Bucharest are always fascinated to discover new street artworks on a human scale, designed to appropriate the public space. Tourists are drawn by artistic interventions that act as a street sign, and by the alternative exploration offered by this trail of attitude and colour.

Continue reading and be sure to scroll all the way down for a google map to help you explore art in public spaces.

UPDATE 2019: The first edition of Un-hidden Street Art in Romania book is here to help you discover independent art in public spaces. 

1. Fauna Graphic x Urban Collector, mural, 2017, 11 iunie street x Ovidiu blind-alley


2. Vhils “Brancusi”, 2016, UNARTE

The innovative character of murals consists in using artistic processes and tools to activate collective memory and to humanize the city, often degraded, segmented by fences and advertising messages. Thus, the benefits of the urban regeneration processes, through art, flow and return to the community, which develops the habit of signaling and intervening in cultural brownfields, problematic areas, but with relevant potential.

These incredible murals are drawn using spray paint of famous world brands like Ironlak, Molotow or Flame paint.

Artistic interventions in the public space increase the quality of life and, unreservedly, increase the value of the area concerned, making it visible and attractive for residents, beneficiaries and potential investors.


3. IRLO, Obie, Kero (NOM crew) “Don Quijote vs Windmills”, 2017, Arthur Verona street


4. Pisica Pătrată la Teatrul de vară Capitol, Constantin Mille street, 2016


5. Pisica Pătrată @ Cinema Marconi (Dacia), 2016, 137 Calea Griviței


Pisică Pătrată @ Street Delivery 2016

6. Pisică Pătrată @ Street Delivery, 2016, Cărturești, Magheru bd.


Sweet Damage Crew, 2016, Splaiul Independentei 267, Grozavesti area.

Unfortunately, this nice piece of street art was removed the same day we published the article. So sad. 🙁


7. Sweet Damage Crew, 2016, Point, Eremia Grigorescu street



IRLO la Labirint 2016

8. IRLO – Labirint gallery, 2016, Splaiul Independenței 42


urbanprophet robert obert johns

9. Urbanprophet Robert Obert & John Dot S, 2017, Chimopar, Theodor Pallady street


10. Pictăm Pereți at Lente w/ IrloPisica PătratăPraf de cretăSaddo & PrenAda MușatCutărică, KitrăAitch, 2016-2017, Lente, Dionisie Lupu street

The urban regeneration of Bucharest is a multi-disciplinary ongoing process in which feeder, readers and partners have been actively participating since 2004.

Urban regeneration is located at the convergence between disciplines and treats an area used in the past and now out of use, which has the capacity to be reactivated by participatory interventions for the benefit of the community.

Artistic interventions in the public space are seen as an opportunity, not only of a functional but also a cultural scale, with effects in all aspects of public life and in the inner character of a society.


kitra floreasca

11. KITRA – Tudor. Personal Tailor, Calea Floreasca 112

Here is the map of all the places mentioned in the article.

words by Cristina Popa and Andrei Racovițan
images © & the authors

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