LIST: 18 places with an authentic interior design that will inspire you

LIST 18 places with an authentic interior design

LIST: 18 places with an authentic interior design that will inspire you

The first thing you notice when you walk into a club, restaurant, bar, bistro, coffee shop, store or someone’s home, is the overall looks. The interior design gives personality and provides authenticity to a place. The feeder bear visited many places during his adventures in the citycoffee shops, bistros, pubs, theatres, cinemas and cultural hotspots, so she has a keen eye for details when it’s about design and creativity. 🐻

The secret for a place to stand out is the way its story is revealed to the people, through the details, slowly unveiling the whole concept, with powerful and meaningful messages. Here’s a list of 18 places with an authentic interior design that will inspire and make you come back. ✨

UPDATE 2019: The first edition of Un-hidden Street Art in Romania book is here to help you discover independent art in public spaces. 


Alt Shift

Str. Constantin Mille, no. 4

What makes Alt Shift stand out is the fact that it’s a place where you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes and a beautiful interior design as well. Decorated in a minimalistic and cheerful fashion, the colours inspire relaxation as the spacious rooms provide plenty of breathing space. Every midnight they activate the NightShift menu for the partygoers. At the ground floor you can find one of the most important nightclubs and concert venues in Bucharest, Control Club.


Atelier Pinion

Bd. Dacia, no. 23

The first bike & coffee shop in Bucharest, Atelier Pinion serves a great single origin coffee and several craft beers. And yes, you can enjoy those while getting your bike fixed! Atelier Pinion is designed by RIZI – read more about their inspiration and creative process in the feeder insider interview.


Bistro Carusel

Str. Lipscani, no. 55

Located on Lipscani Street, at number 55, Cărturești Carusel is spanning on six levels, amounting to 1000sqm. The place is an experimental cultural experience in the old city center, providing space for reading, socializing and artistic exploration. With a bistro on the top floor, a multimedia space in the basement, a huge bookstore and a gallery dedicated to contemporary art on the first floor, the rehabilitated building is telling a new story on a street with a vibrant tradition behind.


Burger Van Bistro

Str. George Vraca, no. 4

Burger Van Bistro is the wheel-free analogue of the restaurant with burgers, chips, salads, cookies and soft drinks. The place is comfortable and the kitchen is opened and spotted with black and white accents. We love the blackboard-like walls, where the customers can leave their written thoughts! The feeder bear WUZ HERE.


Ceainăria Infinitea

Str. Dr. Grigore Romniceanu, no. 2

Discover the Infinitea summer garden and teahouse, an oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the city, a place that offers an intimate setting in a sophisticated atmosphere surrounded by a classic Baroque décor. You will enjoy the elegant menu in an ambience defined by classical music and jazz rhythms.


FIX me a drink

Str. Ion Brezoianu, no. 23-25

We love plants and at FIX me a drink you can find a lot of them. Located in the recently rehabilitated Universul Palace in the center of the city, the botanical bar offers a cosy atmosphere and a wide range of drinks and cocktails.



Intrarea Bitolia, no. 4

Scandinavian loveliness at its purest: Nordic design, exceptional coffee experience, cold-pressed juices, healthy eats and good reads. Frudisiac also practices “farm-to-table cuisine” so expect fresh food directly from local producers.


Gram Bistro

Bd. Nicolae Titulescu, no. 4-8

Located in the heart of the city, Gram Bistro is a carousel of senses, a place where you can enjoy a delicious homemade menu, cocktails or a good coffee in a funky and friendly atmosphere. The modern design, which harmoniously combines rustic, industrial and urban elements, gives the place a vibrant energy. The menu is varied and prepared in their own kitchen with an emphasis on fresh and healthy ingredients.


J’ai Bistrot Târgu Mureș

Piaţa Mărăşeşti no. 6

The bigger brother of Bucharest’s renowned bistro, J’ai Bistrot Târgu Mureș has its big orange gate opened for anyone who has something to say in public, something from the heart and original, expressed through art, be it music or story, written, played, drawn, painted, filmed, modelled or photographed. The place is decorated with style and you can find some drawings left behind by Saddo at the bar.



Str. Dionisie Lupu, no. 78

Lente is a colourful space where you eat, play and make friends. Located in a classic yet imposing and elegant old house, Lente wants to bring imagination and personality to the concept of going out in the city. Sorina Vazelina, Livia & Reg, Irlo, Pisica Pătrată, Praf de cretă, Saddo & Pren, Ada Muşat, Cutărică, Kitră and Aitch are some of the contemporary artists who left behind intriguing and beautiful artworks as a result of the Pictăm Pereți (Painting Walls) installation, which is part of the Un-hidden Bucharest campaign.


Manasia Hub

Str. Stelea Spatarul, no. 13

Manasia Hub is located in the center of the city, in an interbellum building that used to serve as a police station. Now, the place functions as a modern cultural hub, where contemporary artists showcase diverse projects, from visual arts to music. The atmosphere is friendly and the prices at the bar are pretty relaxed.


Moony Coffee Room

Bd. Iancu de Hunedoara, no. 54B

Inspired by the stylish Viennese coffee shops, Moony serves freshly roasted single origin coffees, tea, fresh juices, sweets and healthy lunch options. The interior design at Moony maintains a clean, almost minimal overall image and inspires through the rich details: hand-carved wood panels, unique ceramic light fixtures and the original design chairs, created in Transylvania. Corvin Cristian, the architect, also adds the famous Thonet chair to the mix, both as part of the coffee shops’ furniture, but also as a decorative feature, deconstructed and mounted onto a wall.



Str. Lipscani, no. 9

At Origo, the smell of freshly roasted coffee and infused tea is complemented only by the modern design. The hanged cups that decorate the bar, as well as the ones that are used in the design of the illumination elements, give the coffee shop a distinct look. emphasising its concept.


Pallets Concept Bar

Str. Vasile Stroescu, no. 40

Pallets Concept Bar is the result of a simple idea applied with elegance. It represents the transformation of an old house with a garden into a modern, cosy and cultural oriented bistro with the use of refurbished wooden pallets. It’s the perfect example of DIY combined with functionality, design and family business.



Str. General Eremia Grigorescu, no. 10

POINT is a powerhouse for the whole spectrum of contemporary arts, a true cultural hub that aims to play an active role in Bucharest’s cultural community by challenging the minds of the citizens. The hub is a patrimony building with cultural heritage, unfolding itself on 3 versatile levels equipped with moveable furniture in order to accommodate any type of event. A gourmet kitchen is always at the public disposal, as well as a bar with mixologists, a theatre scene, a garden terrace and a basement, mostly used for private parties and concerts to stay true to its DNA of multi-disciplinary venue. Each floor has a capacity of around 120 people. Its architecture and design are internationally awarded. If you walk by the building, on one of it’s sides you’ll notice a huge mural signed by Sweet Damage Crew.



Str. Gina Patrichi, no. 3

A new and very hip place in central Bucharest, Re:Modelier keeps on the menu the signature burgers from MODELiER and adds up its own distinctive touch. Here you can build your own burger and your own salad! There’s also specialty coffee to be enjoyed and breakfast all day long during the weekend. We love the designer’s touch on the tables and the paintings on the walls.


Seneca AntiCafe

Str. Arhitect Ion Mincu, no. 1

Seneca AntiCafe is a space designed for work, reading and relaxation. The building provides spaces designed for all sorts of cultural and social activities, workshops and artist talks. The design is stylish and offers a lot of functionality as it combines smoothly with the serving of a wide variety of drinks and light dishes.


Nomad Skybar

Str. Smardan, no. 30

Located in the old town, Nomad Skybar is the perfect place to catch Bucharest’s pulse or to enjoy its nightlife while being able to see the sunrise or the sunset from a rooftop. With an elegant design and with a beautiful view, the place offers a good mix of what you can do when you go out.


What is your favourite special place and how is it inspiring you? Let us know!


Words by AndreiB
Photos by Alex Iacob, Cristian Vasile, Dorin Bonta, Iacob Tudor, the authors




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