POLL: Vote the best release of 2016!

POLL: Vote the best release of 2016!

POLL: Vote the best release of 2016!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: voting time! Since 2016 is coming to an end, there is no time to spare and big questions must be asked. Everlasting parties were everywhere this season and a great number of wonderful tracks could be heard blasting from the speakers and enthralling our ears. Here’s a list of some Romanian jams from this year. Techno only!

So if you want your voice to be heard and tell everyone which was your favourite record, vote below. In any case, you now have a very powerful playlist to end the year in style.

best release 2016

Barac – Buchla Market

Lyonel’s mastery in operating the legendary Buchla synthesizer left its mark on both sides of the Buchla Market release: 2 tracks showcasing the ever evolving sound of Barac with a beautiful analog story entangled within their structure, typical to Lyonel, known for his eclectic movie soundtracks.

best release 2016

Faster – M.O.D. EP

It’s not that often that you see Rhadoo put his name on a remix so the fact that he is present here is a testament to Faster‘s producing abilities. Early support from Ricardo Villalobos, [a:rpia:r], Cezar, Barac and others.

best release 2016

Julian & Fengda – Nothing but… EP

Well, we have a fresh player in the Bucharest underground scene – Eliptic Records, which is a vinyl-only electronic music record label. It certainly got off to a powerful start with its first release being heavily played by none other than the man himself – Rhadoo. So naturally it caught our attention and we weren’t disappointed.

best release 2016

Livio & Roby – Phantom Circle EP

Cue Romanian duo Livio & Roby. Their conceptual album project ‘Phantom Circle’ challenges us to defy the constraints of these preconceived notions. They invite us to focus on one thing and one thing only – the music.

Vinyl Speed Adjust - Retro EP / feeder.ro best release 2016

Vinyl Speed Adjust – Retro EP

Vinyl Speed Adjust make a welcome return to Visionquest late September with their ‘Retro’ EP, comprising three original compositions from the Romanian duo.

best release 2016

Ada Kaleh, Sepp – Edith EP

Edith EP is the sixth installment for Ada Kaleh România and you could hear it all over the place this year: at the May edition of Sunwaves, you could hear Ada Kaleh‘s interpretation during both [a:rpia:r] and Priku‘s sets and in August, Petre Inspirescu played the Sepp edit. At Capitol Summer Theatre, the Sepp edit created a perfect atmosphere at sunset.

best release 2016

Dubtil – Etape EP

Amphia is clearly one of the most important Romanian labels out there and the addition of Dubtil to their releases will only help that.

best release 2016

LIZZ – Endz008 EP

The first track, Memory Soul, has a nostalgic feeling to it – the bass line drives you towards a never ending bliss and it does a wonderful job of warming you up for what’s ahead. Things really start to get intense with Freack Me. This track is something else: it has some alluring vocals with a hypnotizing effect on the listener. It is no wonder Priku played it at Sunwaves 19.

best release 2016

VincentIulian – Simodul EP

Even though Moment is pretty much a young label, it clearly has a signature sound. Barac certainly has one and he successfully impregnated this to his label. On side A, we find Simodul which  encapsulates what Moment is all about and it couldn’t have done a better job.

best release 2016

Discret Popescu – Te știu de undeva

The guys at Stomping Grounds, a record label founded by Jay Bliss back in 2013 which focuses on finding the balance house and techno, retro and future or art and dance, wanted to keep this one under the radar, to be a bit discreet about it. Well, that didn’t work out so well because the quality of the tracks on this release certainly got our attention.

best release 2016

Sepp – Timpuriu

We kick things off with Motus In Urbe where we can explore some very interesting minimalistic soundscapes with the bass line as our guide. Some peculiar sounds accompany us down this journey and every element blends in entirely so we couldn’t have hoped for a better start.


best release 2016

SIT – Sideways LP

Sideways LP is a true testament to their legacy. It is one stunning piece of art, a real journey which builds up slowly and you won’t even know what hit you once you’ve listened to it all.


best release 2016 / Adrian Nicolae

Adrian Nicolae – ATIPIC001

The EP begins with Side A, a nine-minute long discreetly constructed journey with some kicks and twists, that gives you the feeling that it could go on endlessly, forever mesmerizing you with its layers of solemnity. It is the perfect recipe for a long after-hours session going deep in the afternoon.


best release 2016

Borusiade – Jeopardy

The solo debut EP of Borusiade is comprised of 5 tracks and was released on the 29th of January straight out of the visionary mind of Borusiade and the psychedelic wand of Cómeme.


best release 2016

Cezar – The Balancing Act EP

Both tracks reflect his signature sound, taking time to evolve into soundscapes that expand outside the familiar borders. “The Balancing Act EP” adds a new layer to the ever-expanding catalogue of works under the Amphia imprint. (words by ourown.ro)


best release 2016

Barac – Seen & Unseen

Barac returns to Cluj’s Midi Records, this time with a whole release at his disposal. Seen And Unseen is an unsung rite of passage, marking the moment of stepping out of his comfort zone, from the deep waters of house music with a gentle touch of nostalgia, to reveal a tiny bit of his techno subconscious.



Melodie – Alderaan EP

It’s enough to say that this EP from Melodie contains the much-discussed and much more played track Acid Saturday and you can see why this is a strong contender to be the best release of 2016.


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The poll lived here: http://www.wedgies.com/question/what-was-the-best-release-of-2016-p3ugmvhvsc


Voting ends on 12 December 23:59. If you have another option for the winner, tell us in the comments and we’ll add it to the poll! Meanwhile, you can check out the sound and insider series to find out more about the DJs that you love.


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