premiere: Oleg Makovskiy – Mrz (Dragomir Remix) [CULT.beat]

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Oleg Makovskiy - Mrz (Dragomir Remix) [CULTbeat] 001

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Oleg Makovskiy – Mrz (Dragomir Remix) [CULT.beat]

After the recent release of its first vinyl-only material signed by VENDi, Odessa-based venture CULT.beat presents its first digital album in the form of “Mrz EP” featuring one original cut by Oleg Makovskiy and three remixes from Romanian DJ and producer Dragomir, Spanish artists Veruh & Clock Poets and Ukrainian talent Yansima. This album captures the mood of a turbulent autumn, reflective of the state of the world today while these beautiful musical compositions are crafted in the finest traditions of modern minimal dance forms. The mastering is provided by Osvit and the artwork by Dima Phase.

Although facing difficult times, CULT.beat remains active and focused on releasing materials in both vinyl and digital formats as well as hosting underground art and music events when possible. The outlet is always pushing boundaries and nurturing creativity, standing out as a portal to an uncharted future where innovation and artistic expression converge and evolve.

“Once I was looking at posts on Instagram and came across this video. The first thought that came to my mind was that CULT.beat should sign this artist! For sure it happened because of aggression towards my state. I couldn’t even imagine that this post was seen by musicians from other countries and they were inspired by the ideas of this track, which aroused emotions of empathy in them. Dragomir, Veruh, Clock Poets and Yansima showed a desire to support us and gladly made remixes. As it turned out later, Makovskiy is not as simple as we initially thought, this guy has made many successful releases this year both on vinyl and digital via well-known labels. His tracks are also played at the best festivals by top minimal DJs. As it turned out, Makovskiy and I are neighbours. Our cities are 100 kilometers from each other and we have big plans for the future.”

Osvit @ CULT.beat

The original version of “Mrz” by Oleg opens the EP with a thundering sound powered by rumbling percussive patterns gritty basslines and a hypnotic slow-paced rhythm. Flavoured with phased vocal cuts, pulsating background effects and subtle dark tones, the track delivers a rolling vibration perfect for dimly lighted dancefloors. Following, our featured premiere for today showcases Dragomir‘s distinct take on electronic music, which transforms the original layers into broken beats, haunting atmospheres, grainy glitches and ethereal vocals.

Next up, Veruh and Clock Poets team up for a steaming collaboration dropping an IDM-infused remix focused on twisted arrangements focused on numerous bleeps and glitches that pair up with the drums and background textures set on low tempo. Closing the EP, Yansima dives deeper into electronica and experimental, laying out a bubbling composition designed with sharp and fast-pitched modular patterns, spiralling breaks and eerie pads.

Grab your copy of Mrz EP from Bandcamp.

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Title/Cat.No.: Mrz EP / CBD001
Release Date/Format: 26.10.2023 / Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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