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feeder sound 405 mixed by Andi Pirlogea 001

For this week’s podcast transmission get ready for a steaming selection mixed by Imprim Records’ head chef Andi Pirlogea.

With a strong passion for electronic music, Romanian DJ and producer Andi Pirlogea embarked on his musical journey in 2006, dedicated himself to the art of DJ-ing, constantly honing his skills and always captivating audiences with his unique style, all while having multiple club residencies and discovering mixing techniques weekend after weekend for years to come.

In 2011 his pursuit of sound engineering led him to Milan, where he profoundly immersed himself in the world of music production. It was during this time that he discovered his affinity for minimal techno with his close friend Cally with whom he released his first vinyl project “Etajul13” on Fear Of Flying while developing a music project together at the same time and publishing two more EPs with Only 300 Family and Brouqade. Next, he would shape his career with nine more releases, including his second project Disuasiv with Dragosh on labels like Curtea Veche, Memoria, WEorUS and Pointillisme Musique.

In 2012 he moves to London, eager to explore new opportunities and expand his musical horizons. In the vibrant UK scene, he delved deeper into playing live sets and producing, channelling his creative energy into crafting captivating sounds. His talent and dedication led him to collaborate with esteemed labels, further solidifying his presence in the industry.

After a brief hiatus from mixing in recent years, Andi decided to refocus his efforts on production, driven by his unwavering love for music. In 2020, he establishes his own label Imprim Records, which aims to showcase his artistic vision, promoting his signature sound and supporting other talented artists who share his passion for quality vinyl releases.

Andi Pirlogea‘s journey through the realms of electronic music has been marked by relentless dedication, artistic growth and a commitment to preserving the authentic vinyl experience. His rich background, diverse musical influences and radiant enthusiasm for the craft have definitely made him a distinctive figure in the electronic music scene with a groovy personal touch ready to deliver anytime.

“I wanted to play a mixture of vinyl and digital tunes with some intricate rhythms, deep bass and melodic synths that will transport listeners on a captivating sonic journey, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for the audience. This set features a selection of some of the minimal techno tracks I love from my own collection. Some of these tracks are quite recent and some still unreleased but have also added a few old ones which blend in nicely. Hope you enjoy!”

Andi Pirlogea

feeder sound 405 mixed by Andi Pirlogea drops a solid dose of minimal techno, microhouse and a pinch of breaks, with some of the tracks being more abstract and punchy while others deliver deep atmospheric moments to the set, creating an organic and hypnotic rotation. Adjust the volume of your speakers and start drifting.

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