premiere: Chad Andrew – Fugu [Personality Disorder Music]

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Chad Andrew - Fugu [Personality Disorder Music] 001

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Chad Andrew – Fugu [Personality Disorder Music]

Personality Disorder Music unearths the hypnotic world of tech house, deep techno and minimal with avant-garde artists at the forefront in the form of Lagom Various Artists compilation. Get ready to be spellbound by the inspiring sound of the underground brought forward by label-head David Gtronic alongside Just_Me, David Berrie & Martinek, Boris Werner, Reboot and Rhythms of Prescott. The VA sure adds even more magic to the label’s discography, so far featuring artists like Jamahr, Imbue, Dave Dashur, Chklte, Figi, San Proper, Rizzo and Guti, among others.

Immersed in the world of music for over a decade Chad Andrew emerges as a seasoned artist, armed with an extensive repertoire of audio knowledge, tools and invaluable experience. Constantly evolving, he diligently curates a diverse collection of sounds, ensuring his musical style remains fresh and innovative. Among the labels he collaborated with we find Moan Recordings, Dissonant, Yoruba Grooves, Volupso, Synkronized, Deep Tech, Vatos Locos, Druzhba and his own playgrounds Retrospect and coast2coast.

“Drawing inspiration from pulsating subbass lines and a relentless groove, I weaved in obscure sounds, capturing the essence of mystery. This sonic journey emerged from countless hours of experimentation, a testament to my passion for pushing boundaries and creating an immersive musical experience.”

Chad Andrew

Chad Andrew‘s “Fugu”, just like the enigmatic Japanese delicacy fugu fish, offers an infectious and exhilarating experience that merges pleasure with the thrilling risks of sonic exploration. Expect some solid 4/4 beats smoothly complemented by warm background textures, ever-evolving pads and spacious breakdowns.

In this eclectic collection of tracks expect some mesmerising sonic journeys that range from blissful deep soundscapes to trippy bangers with a solid pinch of psychedelic. Each track has its own story to tell and together they morph into an organic combination of heavy basslines and pulsating rhythms. From carefully crafted stripped-down minimalism seamlessly blended with funky raw house vibes and techno influences, Lagom VA provides everything you need for the dancefloor.

Grab your copy of Lagom Various Artists compilation from Beatport.

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Title/Cat.No.: Lagom VA / PDM018
Release Date/Format: 16.06.2023 / Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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