feeder sound 347 mixed by Javier Carballo

feeder sound 347 mixed by Javier Carballo 01

For this session of our ongoing podcast series, we invite Spanish DJ and producer Javier Carballo to deliver the vibes so expect a groovy journey into the realms of alluring, uplifting and electric rhythms.

Javier Carballo is an experienced selector, producer and connoisseur of electronic music in its most varied forms, covering styles such as house, techno, electro, breaks and acid in a solid career that expands for almost 20 years now (including the memorable adventures alongside the Vatos Locos crew). His journey started in the Canary Islands and mainland Spain yet the path led to the opportunity to travel around many cities around the world and play at festivals like Sunwaves (Romania), Epizode (Albania) or BPM (Portugal) as well as at clubs such as CDV (Berlin), Watergate (Berlin), Bar Americas (Guadalajara ), Output (NYC), Dc10 (Ibiza), Input (Barcelona), Fabric (London) and Roots (Madrid), to name just a few.

In the last few years, Javier has been living between London and Berlin where he has matured both in production and mixing, creating some new projects like TERMS, Look Perry and HDZ, alongside Aniano. His latest releases are now available via his own venture Underyourseat, as well as on labels like Dowblack, Tresydos, Lescale Recordings, Serialism Records, Downhill Music, SOSrec and VL Recordings, among others.

feeder sound 347 mixed by Javier Carballo delivers a dynamic palette of rhythms and textures ready to get you pumped for the upcoming weekend. So, get on your dancing shoes and go with the flow on various uplifting shades of house, tech house, techno, acid, breaks and everything in between. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride with the volume up!

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Javier Carballo on soundcloud | facebook | instagram | Underyourseat
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Words by AndreiB

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