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feeder sound 322 mixed by Javier 011

This Friday we travel to South America and invite Javier to deliver a deep and dubby selection, perfect for the upcoming weekend.

Javier is a young DJ and producer based in the city of Cajamarca, Peru. He started his journey in the realms of electronic music in his hometown, yet his selections and productions are appreciated and supported by many around the world. Throughout time, he performed at events organised by brands such as Octógonal, Moon Sound, Deep Motion and Blanka Records, collaborated with Hello Strange and recently brought forward fresh tracks with Astral Music, Insectorama and Apnea Label.

Javier is also a co-founder of Dub & Deep Channel and participated in both feeder sound Open Calls for DJs, delivering immersive selections that highlight his deep, dubby and introspective style. Currently, he’s working on new materials, so we’ll be hearing more music from him soon.

“Music is part of me at all times and creates a path to find yourself and this provokes a load of nostalgia, emotions and sensations, before situations that have happened to us.”


feeder sound 322 mixed by Javier sets off with Alex Jansen’s “Langland Bay” and dives into warm dub-infused vibes that include tracks by Malin Génie & Per Hammar, Seb Zito, Gregg Dunsmore and Janeret, among others. The mixture of house, techno and dub focuses on immersive atmospheres and reverberating sounds, creating an organic flow that will definitely energise and make you daydream at the same time. Enjoy with the volume up!

You are invited to discover the artists and musicians participating in the digitizArte open call and vote your favourites here. The project aims to become an interactive online platform for self-publishing, enabling artists, architects, designers, graphic designers, musicians and all sorts of other creatives, to freely publish their works online and reach new audiences in an unassuming and dedicated environment.

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Words by AndreiB

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