feeder sound 203 mixed by Javier

Here at feeder sound, we love to explore the world of electronic dance music and to actively be involved in bringing forward smooth selections signed by renowned and emerging artists alike. Our guest for this week’s episode is Javier, a rising talent coming from South America.

Based in the city of Cajamarca, Peru, Javier is a producer and DJ who had contact with electronic music from an early age. When he was 16 he began to participate at various parties in his hometown and being captivated by the rhythms, he decides to dedicate more time to his passion. Exploring the modern techniques of mixing, as well as digging for the right music, he steadily builds a name for himself playing at events, recording podcasts and working on his own productions.

Before going to a gig or preparing a recording, he takes time with the selection, carefully going through numerous tracks to find the right ones in order to create an amazing experience full of emotions for his audience. His style includes elegant themes and melodic compositions, charged with intensity and beautiful atmospheres. From deep and dubby sounds to microhouse and minimalistic cuts, the music Javier delivers is engaging as well as introspective. At his young age, he already participated at several important local parties organised by brands like Octógonal, Moon Sound and Deep Motion, with more following this year. Recently, he dispatched his first production work with Hello Strange, bringing forward spacious dub techno sounds under the 5E99 alias. A dedicated artist, he’s currently working on new materials so we’ll hear more music from him soon for sure.

“The podcast is mixed elegantly and includes sounds from microhouse and the dub.” – Javier

feeder sound 203 mixed by Javier provides a mesmerizing musical journey, blending deep house cuts with melodic dubby rhythms and techy beats. Smoothly flowing from track to track, the 1h recording will set the mood for mind travelling to a lush and immersive dimension.


Javier on soundcloud | facebook
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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