A Vinyl Garden Afternoon at Misbits Record Shop w/ AscensionÁ, Vivian

A Vinyl Garden Afternoon at Misbits record shop

A Vinyl Garden Afternoon at Misbits Record Shop with AscensionÁ, Vivian & stav

So many things happened in the past few months, we literally don’t know where to start from.
Actually, we do! On Thursday the 30th of July we start from the records. Fresh stock, like usual, so plenty of good stuff to dig into. Two pick-ups will spend the afternoon on our terrace, as AscensionÁ, Vivian and stav will set the vibe to a rather dubby level.

So we guess it’s the perfect time for a summer break! Enjoy good music, super tasty vegetarian food prepared by boulionii and a selection of refreshments at the bar.

On the more visual side of life, we’re ready to do some sticker trades, so grab your collections and drop by. Our friends from FEEDER.ro will bring some of their own, together with the Un-hidden street art in Romania book, where you can check some of the best street artworks. Aaaaand, Andrei Orcula will be here with some mindblowing vinyl art. The handpainted mandalas are available for anyone who wishes to buy one.

There are some rules we must follow in order to enjoy this afternoon as safe as possible:
– only a limited number of diggers will be allowed inside the store. Please use the hand sanitizer before and after digging the crates and using the pickups.
– the face mask is mandatory inside the store.
– respect social distancing. Only 4 persons are allowed to stay at the same table on the terrace.

For those of you who can’t come to visit us, you can hear the music Live on Misbits fb page 🙂

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