Hanukkah Club Marathon at The Block with Rhadoo, Emi, Dubtil & more

Hanukkah Club Marathon at The Block

Hanukkah Club Marathon at The Block


Omer Bar – Rabbits In The Sand, Tel-Aviv
Adriatique (5 Hrs Extended Set) – Diynamic, Zurich
Woo York LIVE – Afterlife, Dystopian – Kiev
Adi Shabat – The Block, Tel-Aviv



Sunrise Showcase Feat
HiluThe Block, Tel-Aviv
EmiContur, Sunrise, Bucharest
DubtilAmphia / Understand, Bucharest
Rhadoo – [a:rpia:r], Understand, Bucharest
Tal Cohen – The Block, Tel-Aviv
Asael WeissThe Block, Tel-Aviv
Supervised by Catalin Ghinea
Visuals Live by Noetic



Curated by our king Pharaoh and including
Yogg – Parallax, The Block, Tel-Aviv
Pharaoh – Parallax, The Block, Tel-Aviv
Yonti – PAG, Tel-Aviv
ID – Tel-Aviv



Doors Open: Friday 19:00

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