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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Mau. – Robot Heart [Move and Understand]

The fourth wax soon to be released by Move and Understand is signed by Marius Laurentiu aka Mau. and features three hot cuts designed with hypnotic minimalistic rhythms and deep textures. Titled “Chasing The Fox”, the EP is a strictly personal project coming from the artist that adds a new dimension of sounds to the label’s identity, following the well-acclaimed MAU003, “The Love Soundtrack”.

Established mainly as a playground for Mau. and his friends, the imprint┬ábecame a “family affair” defined by a distinct sound that constantly evolves, as the artists are willing to experiment beyond any boundaries. During the past two years, Marius and Claudio Brogi worked together in order to shape the label’s mission, releasing amazing music and organising monthly showcase parties in an intimate club in Arezzo, Italy. This included collaborations with artists like┬áGiovanni Verrina, Germano Ventura, Matteo Manzini, Georgio Oniani, Julie Marghilano and Fabio Della Torre, as well as with WetYourSelf at Fabric in London and River Port in Ukraine as the most recent ones.

Mau. is a project born from a constant exploration of house and techno music, going through the most elegant shades and sounds. A dedicated artist, Marius delivered delightful compositions through labels like Body Parts, Melotherapy, WYS! Recordings, Kanja Records and Memoria. Alongside Andrea Bigi he brought forward BAL (Bigi & Laurentiu) and Sconosciuti, revealing a notable modern approach on electronic dance music.

MAU004 is another example of top-notch production, smoothly blending subtle funky patterns, groovy melodies, eerie arrangements and solid percussion. Listen to B1, “Robot Heart” exclusively on feeder sound, an engaging cut infused with futuristic sounds and gloomy themes:

Balanced by steady drumming and a wobbling bassline, the track features dark background pads and an eerie, heavy modulated vocal sample that adds a driving feeling to the whole. In contrast “Chasing The Fox” has a deep and exotic atmospheric design, while “Meet Me In The Future” is more melancholic and melodic. The material is spiced by carefully crafted minimal beats and percussive elements and all the cuts build tension through intricate and alluring manipulation of layers.

You can pre-order the 12” on deejay.de.


Artist: Mau.
Title: B1. Robot Heart / Chasing The Fox EP
Label: Move and Understand
Cat. number: MAU004
Release date: TBA
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by: AndreiB


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