Mau. – The love soundtrack EP


Mau. – The love soundtrack EP

The mystical label :move and understand: returns with another eclectic vinyl-only EP. Their third release comes again from label chief Mau. who delivers a very versatile solo EP with three tracks that are all unique in their own way. Each track will get you in a completely different mood, while you can hear the characteristic footprint of Mau. on all of them.

‘The Love Soundtrack’ fits its title perfectly; warm and atmospheric, with jazzy chords and organic percussion all on a bubble minimal base.

‘Shadow Effect’ is a more minimalistic and dark journey, with hypnotic ambience sounds and a very steady groove.

Mau. shows that he’s mastering the art of subtleness with the third track ‘Memorial’.This is one of those tracks you’ll find yourself grooving on or floating, somewhere on a dusty dancefloor when the sun is already up. The mysterious vocal that starts in the break works perfectly with the soothing synths.

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No other than Petre Inspirescu (a:rpia:r) already showed support for this release, together with Hector (Desolat) and Germano Ventura (Howl Ensemble).The :move and understand: imprint sets the bar higher with this record, developing a recognizable warm and dreamy sound.


Artist: Mau. 
Title: The love soundtrack EP
Label: Eastenderz
Cat. number: :move and understand: 
Release date: 20.03.2017
Format: Vinyl-only

Review by Ashley Haak


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