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BAL (Bigi&Laurentiu) - Il caso di Dora

Last updated on May 18th, 2019 at 03:50 am

BAL (Bigi & Laurentiu) – Prima Lettera [BAL]

Andrea Bigi and Marius Laurentiu aka BAL present “Prima Lettera”, a mesmerising 12” flavoured with minimalistic patterns and soulful, funky house cuts. With a distinct sound, the duo explores an exotic dimension of contemporary electronic dance music, releasing amazing music through the eponymous record label.

A personal playground of the duo, BAL is based in Italy and delivers to the world. Enjoying support from many well-known international artists, the two DJs and producers always display good vibes through carefully crafted music. With techno and house rhythms, jazz and funk samples, all elegantly blended with classic minimal percussion and basslines, their musical adventure is indeed a statement for the dedication and passion for smooth vibrations. Aside from their own label, the two also collaborated with Viva Music, Catwash, Bla Bla, BeReal, Sonido, Moan and Unclear, among others.

Constantly creating new sounds, Andrea and Marius draw influence from various aspects and genres of music in general, experimenting with frequencies and modern composition techniques. When they perform behind the decks, they keep the story going, providing a unique selection for the crowds. With gigs in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dublin, Barcelona, Chisinau and other cities in Europe, the duo is on the rise and more surprising announcements will follow for sure.

bal (bigi and laurentiu) - prima lettera [bal] wax

“Paragrafo Uno” opens Side A with a hypnotic deep vibe, designed with a crisp percussion flavoured with subtle lo-fi cuts. The playful bassline and wobbling effects provide a relaxed atmosphere as the track plays, leaving room for the next cut to deliver more intense sounds. “Il Caso Di Dora” unfolds as an energetic composition, featuring groovy piano notes and funky jazz aromas, perfect for any dancefloor. On the flipside “Paragrafo Due” returns to minimalistic arrangements, yet maintaining an uplifting note. The gloomy nature of this track is followed by the lush harmonies of “Drastic Amore”, closing the wax on a melancholic note. The instrumental layers featured on this cut, provide an introspective feeling, while the rhythm makes you travel to another realm.

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Prima Lettera at deejay.de


Artist: BAL (Bigi & Laurentiu)
Title: Prima Lettera
Label: BAL
Cat. number: BAL006
Release date: 08.02.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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