Hugo Heynard is debuting on Uzons Records

Hugo Heynard is debuting on Uzons Records

The Spanish based record label headed by Marco Uson is starting the new year with the EP “Syphanta” signed by the French artist Hugo Heynard. This release consist of two melodic and deep cuts carefully produced in the coast of France.  

Opening Syphanta we can find “Sha”, a track with tiny vocals, melancholic melodies, aquatic pads that converges  in a very human and emotional melodic techno track. Closing the release we find “The Boat”, probably the strongest side of the EP, with uplifting melodies that touches the soul, deep baselines and party insinuations that make this track a good example of what Uzons Record is about. 

This first release of Hugo on the Uzons imprint, is a good start for both. We hope to listen more of this producer on this imprint. 


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