Pressure Point – Rainbow Transmission EP [Telharmonic Texture]

Pressure Point – Rainbow Transmission EP [Telharmonic Texture]

Releasing only in vinyl format, Telharmonic Texture is an Italian record label specialized in microhouse music. On their catalogue you find Jeff Samuel, Paradroid, Akufen and Pressure Point, the one who founded the imprint in 2017.

With an original and groovy sound, Telharmonic Texture brings forward a unique blend of glitched layers of percussion, gorgeous pads and keys, electric funky cuts, all wrapped in melodic rhythms that flow sublime. We can consider the label’s recording artists as early pioneers of microhouse, as their sound is authentic and focused. Their live performances deliver intense moments and beautiful electronic music.

For the imprint’s fourth release, Pressure Point presents Rainbow Transmission EP”, which contains three original tracks and a remix signed by the French duo K.O.D. (Kings Of Delay), the collaboration between Cabanne and Lowris.

Luca‘s passion for music starts at an early age as he reveals in this interview on feeder:

My sister studied piano for many years and played at home, and one of the first memories that I have is of enchanted hours and hours listening to music. Over time the passion developed in another genre when I was 14 years old and I bought my first vinyl. – Pressure Point

Today, Pressure Point unfolds his passion in the form of a complex glitched sound, containing deep and melodic sound synthesis, a mixture of jazz, funky and even disco music, sequenced in micropatterns. Aside from releasing with All Of Tape, Sol Asylum and Castanea Records, his work on his label, especially the collaboration with Akufen, reveals the authenticity of this style of music. Rainbow Transmission EP” is another statement to support this, as the 12” delivers a mesmerizing vibe on both sides.

“Radio Stars” is a melodic rollercoaster infused with a funky bassline and smooth evolving keys and textures, as “Chapter Reflections” has a deeper tone. With a groovy vibe and a mix of low-frequency modulation that keeps the rhythm going, this cut elegantly closes Side A of the disc.

On Side B we find the funky “Transmission”, a cut that has the swing and embodies the definition of the genre. Micro modulation and sequencing spiced up with wobbled effects. On the remix, flavours of minimalistic tech house are added, as well as deep and long pads that blend with the fuzzy wobbled bassline with elegance. The French duo exhibits the attention given to details in their work and their version of “Transmission” closes this groovy and delightful EP.

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Artist: Pressure Point
Title: Rainbow Transmission EP
Label: Telharmonic Texture
Cat. number: TTX004
Release date: 18.07.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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