Feed your curiosity for music with feeder sound 174 mixed by Tight Cherry

feeder sound 174 mixed by Tight Cherry

Feed your curiosity for rare and unreleased music and explore a new episode of feeder sound every Friday on feeder.ro

This week you are invited to discover Tight Cherry‘s musical universe and her recording for feeder sound series. It’s a captivating journey into her interesting vinyl collection.

Tight Cherry is a Romanian born in Bacau, now a distinguished member of the Danish electronic music scene, her personality is mirrored in her lifestyle and the way she presents herself behind the decks. She is one of the oldest members of Colectiva Gazette In Cluj Napoca Romania, one of the trippiest underground clubs in Romania, a place she happily calls home.

Despite being one busy Cherry, with gigs between Romania and Denmark, recently she engaged the Roskilde Festival audience with a groovy and hypnotising mix.

“Vinyl only bedroom mix incorporates records that are dear to me, new and old” – Tight Cherry

feeder sound 174 mixed by Tight Cherry is a 60 minutes vinyl only set composed with powerful tracks selected from a wide variety of sounds and music genre, put together with grace and skill bringing you into a fluffy trance like state of mind. This one is fresh and spicy with a blend of house and a hint of minimalistic acid techno influences an obvious invitation to delight your senses.

Tight Cherry  on soundcloud | facebook
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by Oana


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