Exclusive on feeder sound: Javier Carballo – Reborn

Javier Carballo - Silver Smile ep, Double 12 coming soon on Vatos Locos

Exclusive on feeder sound: Javier Carballo – Reborn  [VL Recordings]

Talking with Javier Carballo about music and his upcoming release, he was kind enough to share one of the tracks with you. 🎁 It‘s an emotional and intense track with an optimistic view, as he describes it in the feeder insider interview:

“I did feel reborn after a difficult situation in my life and the music helped me to feel alive again, as always. That’s why the track is named this way. I think Reborn is perfect for the early hours at an after party.” – Javier Carballo

Finally his stamp on Hector’s VL Recordings imprint with the long-awaited ‘Silver Smile’ EP. Presented as a double vinyl package that journeys through the different spectrums of underground electronic music whilst keeping the roots deep and dubby.

Javier has been with Vatos Locos since it’s inception, and not only regarded as a key member of the crew, but also as one of Spain’s finest promoters, DJs and producers.

Pre-order from deejay.de

Words by: ubic

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