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Well, we have a fresh player in the Bucharest underground scene – Eliptic Records, which is a vinyl-only electronic music record label. It certainly got off to a powerful start with its first release being heavily played by none other than the man himself – Rhadoo. So naturally it caught our attention and we weren’t disappointed.

You better be in the mood to dance when you hear Julian‘s Flying Waltz because its groovy basslines and the layer of peculiar sounds that goes over it are a perfect combination for the dance floor.

Up next, Fengda Carissa delivers a more atmospheric vibe with Kale Juice, just perfect for an after-hours session. Perhaps Monday night on the Sunwaves beach works just fine. It’s a long but intriguing journey with a variety of background sounds that truly work together and give the feeling that the track could go on forever and nobody would mind.

Artist: Julian / Fengda Carissa
Title: Nothing but EP
Catalog number: ELIP001

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu

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