Fengda Carissa – Frank Smith’s Lover

Fengda Carissa - Frank Smith's lover

Palavre Records comes back with its second release after the successful EP by incolorStoccato. This time, another young name in the Romanian underground scene is the hero – Fengda Carissa. With her previous release on Eliptic being played by Rhadoo amongst other important names, Fengda is starting to create her own musical style, one which fits perfectly at warm ups or some late after hours.

The second instalment is composed of two tracks by Fengda Carissa and two remixes by Cosmjn and Florian Meffert.

The first track, Moaning, has a linear feeling at the beginning: a layer of bass lines makes your feet move instantly until some subtle piano sounds come in at the perfect moment. It creates an atmospheric vibe and when the bass kicks in again, everything seems to fall into place. Cosmjn‘s interpretation is, as expected, more serious and it has a no-nonsense approach: stripped of the melodic piano sounds, a strong bass line takes over, which makes for an interesting contrast to the original track.

If Moaning was a more gentle track, Fr Sa Su is a little bit different: dance floor oriented, the rhythm is certainly higher and it has some intriguing background sounds that go hand in hand with the powerful bass that grows on you from the start of the track. The Florian Meffert remix closes this EP and it goes out on a strong note: it is a complex track with very different elements and sounds that complement each other just right to get things going.

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu


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