feeder insider w/ Aitch [en]

feeder insider w/ Aitch


Aitch draws wonderfully and moves often. Because we are such fans, we’ll be showing two of her works in the background for the next couple of weeks. Art, what she’s been up to in Porto and much more, coming up next…

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I sign as Aitch because… my name is Heliana and H is pronounced “aitch” in English.
If I had superpowers, they’d be… kept secret.
My favorite color is… black.
I enjoy working to the sound of… the birds in the orange trees.
My tools of choice when it comes to drawing are… thiiiin paint brushes and watercolors.
The artwork which took me most to complete took… no longer than a week.
It’s awesome to… change houses.
Aside from art I’m also passionate about… moving.

feeder insider w/ Aitch

Mihai N: Hello! You’ve just had a solo exhibition in Portugal. How did you get there and what’s the vibe?

Aitch: Hey! I moved to Portugal 6 months ago because I fell in love with Lisbon about 3 years ago when I first saw it, and the exhibition happened because a year ago I had another solo show in a small city here and things just fell into place.

M: The quantity, complexity and quality of your pieces is overwhelming. How do you manage to dedicate so much time to art and make a living out of it?

A: Thank you very much, I’m glad you still like my work.

Well, this is basically what my days are made of: drawing, sleeping, eating, traveling… I’d feel like the lowest loafer in the world if I didn’t even get down to drawing.

M: Since I started following your progress I noticed a few patterns alongside new and varied themes. What inspires you and what have you enjoyed drawing lately?

A: In the past half a year since I changed countries I went through a darker phase, feeling low, it’s been a super-whiny winter and it shows a bit in my drawings, there are a lot of coffins and sad wolfish faces.  Now that it’s nice outside I got my appetite for flowers and tame wildlife back, combined with the jumble in my head.

feeder insider w/ AitchM: What are you working on now and what are your plans for the foreseeable future?

A: I’m working on a series of canvases for a 12-month ongoing project being held by a gallery in Bucharest, and I should get a bit more organized in August and start work on a new series for the duo show with Saddo, in Ottawa.

M: Considering that every artist leaves anonymity behind with only an ideal and since you’ve come so far, may I ask what the recipe for success is?

A: It’s not that far actually but I do believe the most important thing is to find your own peculiar trait and go with it.

M: To wrap things up, tell me a little about the illustration you picked for our website’s background.

A: 🙂 I think there’s actually two of them and they’re part of the „whiny winter” series.

feeder insider w/ Aitch

Words by Mihai N
Photos Aitch


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