Getting To Know Afronova

Getting To Know Afronova

Getting To Know Afronova

f: Hello, It’s great to talk with you today. How are you?

Afronova: We’re doing really well, thank you for inviting us.

f: Could you introduce yourselves and share a bit about how you started making dance music?

A: We are Cristian Saavedra and Jules Le Boudon, we’ve known each other for a long time and have both been involved in music in different places and scenes. In 2021, we decided to start a project that blends Latin and Afro-house music, using the musical ideas we’ve gathered over the last 30 years.

f: How did you meet and what inspired you to start Afronova?

A: We met in the early ’90s, as we were both from Chile and went out with friends. Soon, we became known in the DJ and event scene in Gothenburg. Afronova was inspired by our desire to bring Afro/Latin House music to the Nordic countries, where it’s not as common, to add some warmth to Sweden 😊.

f: Before Afronova, what were some of your biggest music achievements?

Cristian: From 2000 to 2007, I reached 3 million weekly listeners on FM Radio Monte Carlo in Italy, over seven years.”

Jules: In 2010, I went on a European tour as a DJ with Redman and Method Man, playing shows all over Europe.”

f: What music influenced you growing up, and does it still influence you?

A: We were lucky to grow up with a wide range of music. Early on, we were both influenced by South American music, then hip-hop R&B, and later fell in love with house music. We still enjoy all kinds of music that make us feel good.

f: What was your first release?

A: Afronova EP.1 in 2021.

f: Which track has been your biggest labour of love to make so far?

A: Most likely, it was the song ‘Mirage’, which we recorded last year.

f: Tell us about your new release ‘Kuimba’ and what does the name mean?

A: The song has strong drums and lively percussion by Thiago Da Silva. It’s both traditional and modern, with captivating vocals in Kenyan. ‘Kuimba’ means ‘to sing’ in Swahili.

f: Why did you start your own label and what’s next for it? Will you sign other artists?

A: Yes, we plan to bring many artists into our network and share their music through our label. We see this as a platform for our style of music.

f: Who does what when making music?

A: We come up with song ideas together. Then Cristian handles the production and playing instruments, while Thiago da Silva takes care of all things percussion.

f: What’s an Afronova live show like?

A: You can expect a lot of rhythms, percussion, happy people, and a big love for music.

f: What’s been the best gig of 2023, and where do you hope to play this year?

A: The best gig was at Clarion post hotel in Gothenburg, because of the amazing atmosphere and happy dancing people. We’d love to play in Tulum, Mexico, this year.

f: Which dance track is most special to you?

Cristian: Ten City – All Loved Out Ilù ‘Ife (Love Drum)

Jules: Peppe Citarella, Alejandro Alca – Juanito Alimana

f: Who are your top 3 music producers?

Cristian: Louie Vega, Atjazz and Reel People.

Jules: Louie Vega, Pablo Fierro and Mijangos.

f: Is there anything else you’re working on that you can tell us about?

A: We’re finishing our next song, which is done but still needs a Spanish title. We plan to release it in April 2024. We’re also working on a remix with singer Soul Star, featuring strong African rhythms.

Afronova ‘Kuimba’ is out now on Afronova Records.

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