Mental Picks Vol. 43 [Expmental Records]

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Mental Picks Vol. 43 [Expmental Records]

Mental Picks Vol. 43 [Expmental Records]

Initiate on aural explorations with Expmental Records inaugural foray of the year – “Mental Picks Vol. 43.” Continuing the esteemed tradition of our Various Artists series, we kick off with a selection that’s bound to captivate both discerning artists and avid music fans alike, surveying the dynamic landscape of underground club sound.

This eclectic compilation voyages from the vibrant locales of Europe to the bustling scenes of the USA and the innovative hubs of Australia, presenting a rich tapestry of global beats. Anchoring the release is the third collaborative effort from label boss Eddy Romero and UK’s Mica, whose synergy has previously graced esteemed imprints including Bondage Music with their deep, resonant productions.

Welcoming fresh talent, Spain’s own Arval unveils his debut release on our label. Known to many as Álvaro Muñoz, he embarks on a fresh odyssey under this moniker, promising an evolution of his artistry steeped in the roots of the underground sound.

We then jet to the sun-kissed shores of Miami to introduce the New York underground aficionado, Richard Rozen, who imparts his debut track with us. A true vinyl culture enthusiast, Rozen’s contribution epitomizes the raw and authentic vibe that ignites our collective passion for pure, undiluted club music.

Bringing the journey to a serene finale, Australia’s Miraj makes his first mark on the label with a profoundly deep track, continuing the lineage of deep cuts that shape the sound of Expmental Records.

With “Mental Picks Vol. 43” setting the tone, 2024 unfolds as a year bursting with promise. Engage with us as we unfurl an exciting roster of releases. Stay tuned – the best is yet to come.

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