Mental Pick VOL.41 [EXPmental Records]

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Mental Pick VOL.41 [EXPmental Records]

The New Mental Picks have arrived – Mental Pick VOL.41 [EXPmental Records]

The last Mental Picks showcases a more downtempo and breaks sound, reflecting their love for all electronic music styles. Featuring four tracks, this new Mental Picks presents a diverse range of electronic music talents, with each track showcasing a unique sound.

The EP opens with Schime’s breakbeat masterpiece, which creates a mesmerizing atmosphere that transports listeners to another world. The second track, by label boss Eddy Romero, is a debut release under his Saturnz Other Soul alias on the label. It takes a more melodic approach with a lower BPM and brilliant melodies mixed with the dark and saturated underground sound of his main alias.

Soble‘s track, the third on the EP, is a breathtaking journey that incorporates flamenco vocals, subtle synths, and bass, demonstrating the exceptional talent of this Spanish artist. Closing out the EP is Dad Of The Year’sTurn Down The Lights,” a sweet parade to somewhere in another dimension that leaves listeners feeling uplifted and inspired.

As they celebrate their 15th year in the industry, this Mental Picks release holds a special place in their hearts and marks the first of many more to come. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and bringing new and innovative sounds to their listeners remains unwavering.

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