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2024 7 new publications on feeder.ro/shop - Artă în lucru, Viața zidurilor în spațiul public, Un-hidden street art in Romania, feeder insider, Teatrul de vară Capitol, Snippes of Serbia, Street Art Belgrade

feeder.ro/shop is not just another online art gallery and store, but a platform that celebrates talented established and emerging artists. Here you can find a vast collection of unique artworks, signed prints, books, magazines, and accessories that showcase the creativity of these artists. In this article, we explore seven publications available at feeder.ro/shop that are worth considering for your collection.

Explore the vibrant world of street art with our publications. “Street Art Belgrade” is a 21 x 26 cm, softcover book in its 3rd edition and 218 pages which dive into the colourful world of Belgrade street art. It is a visual odyssey capturing the diverse expressions and contrasting landscapes of graffiti and street art in the heart of the city, Emma Fick – “Snippets of Serbia” is the 16 x 22 cm, hardcover and 200 pages illustrated journey of the author through the weird, the fun and the unique adventures to be experienced across this small Balkan country. “Un-hidden Street Art in Romania” is an A5 softcover book, spanning 100 pages and featuring a limited edition of 200 prints. This guide aims to help you uncover independent art in public spaces. “Viața zidurilor în spațiul public (The Life of Walls in Public Space)” is an extraordinary publication, available in 1,000 copies and containing 100 pages, 104 photographs, details on 87 places to visit, and showcasing the works of 52 local and international artists across 13 cities. It’s a resource for artists, locals, and tourists, providing a glimpse into the effervescent culture of street art and revealing new dimensions of cities. “Feeder insider #02 booklet + 3 stickers pack” is a 297 x 210 mm magazine with a softcover, offering a selection of 14 interviews that shed light on motivation, process and perception in the arts. Because we really want you to know, “Artă în lucru, nr. 2, an 2, 2023 (Art in progress, no. 2, year 2, 2023)” is an A4 softcover magazine spanning 48 pages, focusing on emerging artists and providing activities for colouring, completion, and exploration of their works and sketches and finally “CAPITOL booklet #03” is an A4 booklet, 38 pages present information about the ensemble of monuments, a summary of the historical studies, and a recap of the activities and events which, for the last 9 years, aim to reactivate collective memory and to reintegrate CAPITOL theatre in the public circuit.

These seven publications are just a small sample of the exceptional items you can find at feeder.ro/shop. Whether you love street art, abstract art, contemporary art, or nature-inspired art, the online store has something that will speak to your soul.

Street-Art-Belgrade 2016

Street Art Belgrade book, 3rd edition, 2016

21 x 26 cm, softcover, 218 pages

The book “Street Art Belgrade” presents the most comprehensive overview of street art in Belgrade, both stylistically and historically. From aphorisms and stencil art to complex graphics solutions, letters and murals you can follow the graffiti and street art scene in Belgrade, which is becoming more and more vibrant. The book also contains quotes by some of the most active street artists: Artez, Junk, Rage, TKV, Lortek and Nikola, alongside thought-provoking works by Blek le Rat, Blu, Endo, Hawok, Hope, just to name a few.

Snippets of Serbia 2015 book

Emma Fick – Snippets of Serbia book, 2015

16 x 22 cm, hardcover, 200 pages

Snippets of Serbia” by Emma Fick is more than just an illustrated memoir; it’s a celebration of life’s peculiarities and the beauty found in the everyday. Fick’s artistic lens transforms the reader into a fellow traveller, navigating the streets and stories of Serbia alongside the author. This book is a delightful homage to the magic that can be found when an artist immerses themselves in a foreign land and allows its spirit to infuse their creative expression.

Un-hidden Street Art in Romania Book

Un-hidden Street Art in Romania book, 2nd edition, 2021

A5 book, softcover, 100 pages

The Un-hidden street art in Romania (2021, 2nd edition) book in numbers: 100 pages, 15 cities, 8 maps, 100 local and international artists, 200 places to visit, 350 photos with murals in Romania. The second edition of the Un-hidden Street Art in Romania book is here to help you discover independent art in public spaces. 

Viața zidurilor în spațiul public, 2022 (book)

Viața zidurilor în spațiul public, 2022, book (The Life of Walls in Public Space)

A5 book, softcover, 100 pages

The “Viața zidurilor în spațiul public” (2022) book in numbers: 1.000 copies, 100 pages, 104 photographs, 87 places to visit, 52 local and international artists, 13 cities. „Viața zidurilor în spațiul public” (The Life of Walls in Public Space) is a remarkable publication which helps artists, locals, and tourists alike to discover new dimensions of cities through an effervescent and growing form of culture – street art.

feeder insider #02 e-book

Feeder insider #02 booklet + 3 stickers pack

297 x 210 mm booklet, softcover

Feeder insider #02 booklet features interviews with SaddoPrimărieBrosmindLivia ColojiGus GusKarim RashidTokyotoysOlga Ziemska, Ioana Sisea, YomsnilJulie MarghilanoThe ModelBorusiadeRoman Tolici. The interviews explore the universe surrounding music and visual arts while connecting the local to the international creative scene. In order to expand the dialogue between the Romanian public and the artists we love, we’re sparking off inspiring conversations around today’s artistic landscape with newcomers and veterans alike.

The magazine "Artă în lucru nr. 2" offers for colouring, completing and investigating the works and sketches of some of the most active and appreciated artists such as Aara, Aeul, Alexa Lincu, Andreea Gabriela Tudor, Antonia C, Coon One, Doni, Homeboy, Ionut Popescu, iZZY iZVNE, MSER, Eugen Munteanu, Louis K. Jamal, Maria Tender, Ortaku, Pandele, Pisica Pătrată, Roper, RUN, SANDi and Serebe.

Artă în lucru, nr. 2, an 2, 2023 (magazine)

A4 magazine, softcover, 48 pages

The magazine „Artă în lucru, nr. 2” offers for colouring, completing and investigating the works and sketches of some of the most active and appreciated artists such as AeulHomeboyIonut PopescuiZZY iZVNEMSEROrtakuPandelePisica PătratăRUN and Serebe together with several emerging artists such as Alexa LincuAntonia CCoon OneDoniEugen MunteanuLouis K. Jamal and SANDi. In addition, the magazine contains three sketches by Andreea Gabriela Tudor (1st place), Aara (2nd place) and Maria Tender (3rd place), who were chosen as winners by public vote following the open call launched within the project.

The publication “Artă in lucru nr. 2” (Art at work) presents a series of activities, games and sketches that stimulate creativity and interest in art among general audiences, children and adults alike, and are intended to bring them closer to the work of Romanian and international artists working in various fields such as illustration, design, graphic design and street art.

CAPITOL booklet #03

CAPITOL booklet #03

A4 booklet, softcover, 38 pages

Produced by Save or Cancel, CAPITOL booklet #03 was launched and distributed in November 2018, as a print publication and e-book. The publication presents information about the ensemble of monuments, a summary of the historical studies, and a recap of the activities and events which, for the last 9 years, aim to reactivate collective memory and to reintegrate CAPITOL in the public circuit. CAPITOL booklet #01 is one of the participating publications in the Bucharest Architecture Annual 2017, Research and Visions through Architecture – Architecture Books.

feeder.ro/shop offers a wide range of unique artworks and items by established and emerging artists. The seven publications discussed in this article are just a small selection of the many beautiful and inspiring artworks available at the online art gallery and store. Whether you are looking for street art, abstract art, contemporary art, or nature-inspired art, feeder.ro/shop has something for everyone.

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