Born Erased – “I Am The End of The World” LP [BLWBCK]

Born Erased - "I Am The End of The World" LP [BLWBCK]

Born Erased – I Am The End of The World

I Am The End of The World is the first offering of Born Erased, a new endeavor by Bulgarian musician Angel Simitchiev, who first appeared on BLWBCK in 2013 with his now-defunct alias Mytrip. As both the project name and album title suggest, the music is meant to evoke bleaker, darker, and even dystopian visions. These are parts of a narrative that is simultaneously deeply personal and universal. Muted anger, despise, and hatred for the world collide with hope for freedom, even if it comes at the cost of the total eradication of the reality we are forced to live in. I Am The End of The World took nearly three years to be completed.

The backbone of the record was written in a breath but then slowly structured and expanded upon. In this album, Simitchiev juxtaposes his nearly two decades’ worth of ambient research with his long involvement in hardcore punk. Severely deformed guitars, cavernous synths, and drastically manipulated recordings of heavy machinery are organically intertwined to become the core of the album.

A big part of why it is so impactful is that the gates were open for several guest musicians who added even more depth and character to a record already highly dense with sound. Moss Harvest (tape manipulation and textures) and V0LAND (cello) are found on two of the more straightforward ambient tracks in the album. Shattering, almost doom-influenced live drums on three of the tracks have been performed by Boris Malevanov (Nocktern, Heptagram) which brings this otherwise fragile and drifting genre to its most extreme form.

written & recorded by Angel Simitchiev between 2020-2023 / noise and textures on track 1 by Moss Harvest/drums on tracks 2, 5 and 7 by Boris Malevanov / cello on track 3 by Symeon Yovev (V0LAND) / drums recorded by Mihail Slavov (Wind City Studio) / mixed & mastered by Marius Costache (Studio 148) / artwork by Silvana Ilieva / layout by Romain Barbot

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