Gudj – “Inky Water” EP incl. Nima Gorji [TZH197]

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Gudj, Nima Gorji - Inky Water EP [TZH197]

TZH197 // Gudj – Inky Water EP [TZH197] incl. Nima Gorji

Our upcoming release spotlights an emerging talent from Manchester, the one and only Gudj. After making a lasting impression with his contributions to our last VA, we were inspired to craft a dedicated EP, “Inky Water,” that showcases his unique and distinctive approach to groove and dancefloor-oriented music.

This EP is a testament to Gudj’s creativity, with each track exuding its own personality and style. From the infectious rhythms to the peculiar soundscapes, “Inky Water” offers a delightful musical journey that truly represents Max’s artistry.

To make this release even more special, we’re thrilled to have the renowned Nima Gorji return with a robust and compelling remix, adding his signature touch to the Tzinah sound.

As always, all tracks have been meticulously mastered by the talented Silat Beksi to ensure the highest audio quality.

This is the story of “Inky Water EP” by Gudj and Nima Gorji, a tale of musical exploration and artistic expression, brought to you from Tzinah with Love.

Gudj – Inky Water EP [TZH197] incl. Nima Gorji is supported by Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Gel Abril, Vincetiulian, Hector Moralez, Hermanez, Primarie, Michel de Hey, Alexandar Kyosev, Sossa, Olivian Nour, Camiel Daamen, vlf, Vern, Eddy Romero, Zenniv, Petit Batou, Costin Rp and many more! Thank you!

Richie Hawtin: “Downloaded for R. Hawtin”
Joseph Capriati: “Downloading for Joseph Capriati: thanks !”
Marco Carola: ” Downloading for Marco Carola: thanks.”
Paco Osuna: ” Will try thanks :)”
Gel Abril: ” Nima remix is dope !”
Vincentiulian: ” Cool one!”
Hector Moralez: ” Thanks: I love the acid groove and vibe :)”
Hermanez: ” Cool! thanks”
Primarie: ” I really like this EP from start to end: thanks, guys!”
Michel de hey: “Great deep sounds: all tracks! Thanks
Alexandar Kyosev: ” ‘Deep Descent’ is really cool. Thank you!”
sossa: ” nice release”
Olivian Nour: ” Thanks for the music!”
Camiel Daamen: ” Deep Descent is my favourite!”
VFL: “Thanks!”
Vern: ” Nice work here: thanks!”
Eddy Romero: ” Like a Lots Kentia: will be added to my Radio Show !”
Zenniv: ” Nice EP! I will try for sure! thanks!”
Petit Batou: ” Deep Descent Original & remix for me! will play for sure: thanks !!!”
Costin Rp: ” ms:)”
Cervus: “Very nice package: will try thanks”
Adroit: ” Cool!”
Dragusanu: ” Bomb EP”
Naarc: ” Gooooood one! gj: guys!”
Octile / DoubleTrouble: ” Lots of groovy rollers. Inky water for me!”
Jack Cheler: “Nice”
Hari: ” Nice”
Angel Mosteiro: ” Very nice release: thanks”
Sirena: ” Amazing vibe! Inky Water has a special energy for me”
Laumee: ” Great EP: love Deep Descent original as well as Nima’s remix: bravo”
Max Jacobson: ” Kentia original nice!”
Csurt: “Nice one Thanks you C”
Lipp: ” Inky water for me! nice ep”
Vygo: ” Nice ep!! Thank you!”
Tiberiu: “Thanks”
Paulo Tojeda: “Great release & top remix many thx”
Danielle Nicole: ” thanksss !”

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