Pornbugs – “Coats My Skin” [EXPmenta Records]

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Enveloping Sonic Journeys: Pornbugs' Solo Track "Coats My Skin" and NTFO's Mesmerizing Remix on EXPmental Records

Enveloping Sonic Journeys: Pornbugs’ Solo Track “Coats My Skin” and NTFO’s Mesmerizing Remix on EXPmental Records

Presenting a fresh music release from the dynamic German duo and proud proprietors of Bondage Music Pornbugs, who have once again graced EXPmental Records with their ingenuity, this time in the form of a solo track. Titled “Coats My Skin,” this song is a deeply engaging track with a subtle dub accent, sure to captivate the aficionados of such distinctive sounds.

However, the offering doesn’t stop there. This track arrives hand in hand with a stellar remix from the Romanian duo, NTFO, who have escalated the original piece to uncharted elevated terrains, creating a more melodically immersive version.

As we near the conclusion of another year, we will continue to surprise and delight your auditory senses. A promising month lies ahead with even more unique musical treats from our repository, so do stay tuned!

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Mastered by Alan Lockwood at The Bass Valley Studios.:

IG : @tbv_studios Artwork by Soundvision

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