premiere: Anton Kubikov – White Noise Movie [Stately Records]

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Anton Kubikov – White Noise Movie [Stately Records]

After a series of independent releases focused on minimal techno and microhouse delivered through his official Bandcamp page, Anton Kubikov brings forward Ambient Occlusion LP on the Dutch label Stately Records, unfolding 8 beautiful tracks that dive deep into the realms of dub techno. Arriving in a limited 2×12″ vinyl-only package of only 200 copies, the album also features a special hand-embroidered artwork made by his wife Anja Kubik, photography by Moving Systems and edits by Julia Johansson and Charlotte Bruijn.

Based in Amsterdam, Stately Records was born out of pure love for deep and dub, so far showcasing artists like Nicolas Barnes, Giacomo Pellegrino, Alessandro Crimi, Dubtommy, Dotwish, Kooscha and Luna Ludmila in both digital and vinyl formats. Anton‘s LP surely adds even more magic to the imprint’s discography, as his “Fievre EP” was one of the first materials to emerge from the label and we’re sure happy to see him return to that specific sound which he dispatched for quite some time as SCSI-9 alongside Maxim Milutenko.

Opening the album, “White Noise Movie” lays out a steady-paced rhythm smoothly flavoured with dubby chords that seamlessly evolve and create a chilled soundscape, perfect for laid-back afternoon sessions. The following tracks complete the journey with style, providing hypnotic sonic landscapes designed with abstract textures and intricate sound design that effortlessly fuse ethereal atmospheres with pulsating percussion and effects in order to reach a state of tranquillity and introspection. Expect to feel a sense of weightlessness created by meandering echoes rippling through the sonic spectrum.

“What was the first egg or chicken remains a mystery to me. But what is absolutely clear – the first was the sound. And to this day, the defining in my settings is one or another wave ripple. After many of my dub releases, I decided to follow the big bang path and create an album from one point and bloom like a flower bud, filling it with different shades, micro-changing the waves of each track, adhering to the monochrome of the first point, or rather the chord. Ambient Occlusion is not a sound concept, but one way or another defining the sound of the album, when the missing is filled with the drawing algorithm. And yet, with all the technogenic description, the feelings and sensations of the surrounding space and time in which the creation took place were at the forefront. It remains personal and I hope I was able to convey the invisible that appears at the fingertips when a spark occurs. Separately, I want to note the history of the creation of the album cover by Anja Kubik, since it is already a separate art object in itself, made by hand on canvas using a unique embroidery technique and complementing the sound system of the album.”

Anton Kubikov

Grab your copy of Ambient Occlusion LP from, or Juno.

Anton Kubikov on soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp
Stately Records on soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp
Title/Cat.No.: Ambient Occlusion LP / STLP01
Release Date/Format: 24.05.2023 / 2×12″ Vinyl-Only

Words by: AndreiB

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