exclusive premiere: Scsi-9 – Nebula Hotel

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Scsi-9 (Anton Kubikov and Maxim Milyutenko) - Nebula Hotel

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Scsi-9 (Anton Kubikov and Maxim Milyutenko) – Nebula Hotel

Anton Kubikov and Maxim Milyutenko aka Scsi-9 have announced their seventh full-length album titled “Nebula Hotel” to arrive on the 18th of November on their Bandcamp page. The duo is well-known for their forward-thinking music which brings forward an eclectic style of deep electronica with roots in numerous genres. The Russian artists freely explore vivid sound dimensions, having a strong knowledge of hardware, software, instruments and audio engineering as well as an extended experience when it comes to music-making and mixing.

Launched almost 20 years ago, the Scsi-9 project constantly grew, delivering outstanding productions through labels like Citadel Records, Force Tracks, Kompakt, Klik Records, Salo, Trapez and Apparel Tonic, aside from numerous other collaborations and independent materials (over 50 releases, +200 tracks). This album makes no exception from their top-quality outputs so we invite you to start drifting and get inspired by the title track “Nebula Hotel”, exclusively on feeder sound:

The journey starts with a warm broken beat pattern that gently evolves into an immersive and ever-evolving journey that incorporates a carefully crafted cosmic feeling. The spacious transition between all the elements intertwine in outward and inner spirals of lush dub chords, warm rhodes sequences and steady-paced drumming patterns. The vocals are sampled from “Un petit prince”, adding even more magic. Time to start daydreaming while feeling the vibes! 🌀

The LP reveals 12 tracks combining abstract or ambient soundscapes with exotic shades of deep house and minimal techno while elegantly including dub or classical influences to the overall sound design. A highly recommended material right here! Listen to the preview below:

“There is a place in the multiverse where you can rest and detach from everyday duties. Where you can walk lonely lobbies, meeting strange persons from different times and places. Have a drink with a legend. Or thrill yourself with the unexpected. But also here you can dwell in nostalgia or dream of distant shores. Be it a soundtrack for reality or for fiction. We call it Nebula Hotel.”

Scsi-9 (Anton Kubikov & Maxim Milyutenko)

Artist: Scsi-9 (Anton Kubikov & Maxim Milyutenko)
Title: Nebula Hotel
Release Date: 18.11.2020
Format: Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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