JC Laurent – All The Symbols [Cielo Records]

JC Laurent - All The Symbols [Cielo Records]

JC Laurent is proving himself as an essential artist to keep an eye as his productions morph, shape and seem to have a limitless capability. His newest EP titled ‘All The Symbols’ comes out on his own Cielo Records and follows on from now over 10 years of releasing music on the likes of the late Mike Wall’s Wall Music to Jewel Kid’s Alleanza and Coyu’s Suara amongst many others.

The Frenchman aptly showcases his diversity as a music maker in this EP, as it’s a strange mix of techno styles and a step away from the usual high-octane and futuristic music he is known for. To his credit, of course, it’s definitively delivered well and any fans of experimentation and looking for something different will no doubt be at home and/or challenged with this warm, analogue collection of jewels. Having gained DJ support from Richie Hawtin and Charlotte de Witte, we took a closer look at the tracks one by one below.

The title track is a psychedelic and murky trip of brooding bass, bubbling pulses and dark tones. Where “Chemical Clouds” rides a wave of wonky frequencies, twisted sound effects and tribal drums with a huge range of sounds and effects making it come to life, while it expands and contracts throughout. “Ghidra” is another dystopian and industrial-edged effort full of suspense, heavy percussion and abstract layers. Last of the four works, “The Hymn” has a bouncing and slowed-down approach with a tom drum rhythm, warping acid acting as sub-bass and a feeling of enlightenment thrown in from the glistening high tones.

Overall, this EP is a wonderful listen of slightly obscure techno that will have a place in the club with its dubby, organic style as well as someone looking for some out of the box thinking.

You can buy the release HERE.

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