Patrick Topping’s debut performance in Serbia to remember

Patrick Topping's debut performance in Serbia to remember

Lovefest Fire Belgrade

Patrick Topping’s debut performance in Serbia to remember

His first performance ever in Serbia, at the Belgrade Lovefest Fire, Patrick Topping and the audience will remember for a long time. This popular DJ wowed the audience, and the set, which lasted as long as three hours, ended with standing ovations.

In his Instagram story, he said

“My debut in Serbia in Belgrade was unreal! There were more than 2.000 people. I didn’t know what to expect but the crowd was perfect and there was an old-school rave vibe present all the time. The venue at the docks was also surreal“. 

– Patrick Topping

The second edition of Lovefest Fire Belgrade hosted more than 2.000 people who were delighted to listen to Patrick Topping for the first time ever in Serbia. We only hope this is just the beginning of the new rave story between Patrick Topping and Serbia rave fans. 

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