Unstoppable JP Lantieri nailing a track a week for at least six months in ambitious challenge

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Unstoppable JP Lantieri nailing a track a week for at least six months in ambitious challenge

After a break from the scene, and with a ferocious desire to get back in the studio, this Parisian artist and label owner shows us just how powerful music can be

PARIS, FRANCE. [Sep 24, 2022] – Having recently emerged from a challenging time in his life, and determined to rise up stronger than he ever has before, French music industry professional JP Lantieri has shaken off the dirt, jumped back on the horse, and cleverly thrown himself into a brave, new and personal challenge that is reigniting his passion for music, accelerating his learning, and astounding his peers. He is producing a new electronic music track every week for at least six months.

Preparing a Hypeddit free download link on Saturday’s, posting the track link on his socials on Sunday’s, and with a Soundcloud and Spotify playlist where listeners can find and enjoy all of his melodic voyages in succession, JP is grooving to a working rhythm. Now in his eleventh week with eleven tracks complete, and with a minimum duration target of six months, JP is sailing daily on a ship of creation that is picking up wind and racing towards a land of further achievement. With decades of experience in the industry, he is no stranger to the disciplines required to reach goals in music. “Taking on this challenge forces me into a daily discipline far away from the procrastination that I’d too easily fall for otherwise”, says JP.

Whether he’s flipping through sound synths, jamming on his keyboard, emulating sounds from tracks he loves, or by running a drum loop and closing his eyes whilst humming a melody over the top, it seems there is nowhere from which JP isn’t able to draw inspiration to succeed in this monumental challenge. He explains,

“I often start the day by opening my computer and laying down some musical ideas, even before breakfast or even getting dressed! When my mind is gently waking, and not yet cluttered with other tasks and thoughts, this is when I most like to explore new musical concepts”.

On average it takes a music producer around two to three weeks of work to complete a track in the studio, for some it can even take years. But having the drive and bountiful imagination to create quality track after quality track, week after week for a lengthy duration are attributes likely held by very few. The endless reservoir of love for music within the heart of creative powerhouse JP Lantieri is quite remarkable. “For me, the more I create music, the more ideas I have”, he shares with gusto.

JP Lantieri, also known as Jean-Pierre, is a VIMA gold and Independent Music award-winning music producer, DJ, and proud owner of successful record label Flemcy Music based between Paris, London, and Berlin, home to an array of established and up and coming residents including Stan Kolev, Morttagua, Robert Babicz, Kamilo Sanclemente, Fractal Architect, and soon Galestian and Aaron Suiss. The label offers a rich pallet of melodic techno and progressive house, with some incursions towards the deeper side of the spectrum. Inspired during his childhood years by his classical pianist mother, JP has been on quite the journey. Selling his home in Malaysia in 2013, and bravely leaving his idyllic lifestyle and engineering management career behind, JP moved to London to finally pursue a music dream that never stopped calling. His hearty and voluptuous progressive sound, that he has crafted over the last 20 years or so has not only won him prestigious awards, but has also gained him well deserved recognition from an array of highly acclaimed DJs and artists who continue to support his music.

“Passionate work from JP!”
Amber Long – Label owner at Modern Agenda Music

“Nice vibe here”
Sasha – Internationally acclaimed DJ and music producer

“Another simply fabulous track from JP”
Dan Singh – Presenter at Changing Faces Radio

“Really nice work across the board!”
Darin Epsilon – Label owner at Perspectives Digital

“Good stuff”
Ruben De Ronde – Internationally acclaimed DJ and music producer

“Very good EP”
Petar Dundov – Internationally acclaimed DJ and music producer

“Massive release!”
Laurent Schark – Label owner at Dominium Recordings and Sony mastering engineer

“Great release. Nice!”
DJ Ruby – Internationally acclaimed progressive house artist

“Great work here!”
Progressive Astronaut – World renowned electronic music platform

“One of the best albums I heard this year”
Forest Weed – Underground music producer


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