JP Lantieri, Ornery – Trilogy EP [Flemcy Music]

JP Lantieri, Ornery - Trilogy EP [Flemcy Music]

For the very last time, and marking the end of a wonderful era, we are very proud to introduce ‘Trilogy EP’ by Flemcy Music’s captain JP Lantieri and his expert, techno resident Ornery as they round up their yearly collaboration series, with a final instalment, and with a little help from three exceptionally talented female artists; BBC1 Krafted resident LORRAÎNNE, Detroit’s melodic house & techno queen Ntsha, and Valkyria Records founder Zaria.

Rather than remixing JP & Ornery’s title track ‘Trilogy’ as you would expect, the ladies have instead supplied their interpretations of the title tracks from the boys three, successful previous years’ EP releases; ‘Proximity’, ‘Distance’ and ‘Equilibrium’, to culminate this incredible progressive story with a nice twist.

‘Trilogy’ is as warm, indulgent and euphoric as you’d expect from JP & Ornery, simmering discreetly around the edges but sizzling intensely at its centre. This is the perfect-fitting, final piece to our Flemcy residents’ magnificent puzzle that delivers on every level.

Courtesy of LORRAÎNNE, we’re hoisted into a surreal, melodic dream where a heavenly voice echoes through her ‘Proximity’ rework amid the most enchanting sounds you can imagine, as they effortlessly collide and entwine to create something astonishingly magical.

If you thought you’d heard the deepest of the deep, then you were wrong. Zaria’s take on ‘Equilibrium’ pounds like a giant monster thumping down on the earth and destroying everything in its path, whilst the choral melody of the original mix rings through like a faithful beacon beaming hope over all of mankind.

A soothing, enveloping, orchestral swirl that’s devoid of beats slips us gently into Ntsha’s ‘Distance’ remix, before propelling us delicately towards a light shining brighter than our moon on the darkest of nights. This carefully crafted and methodical maze of percussion, synths and bass will calm, rejuvenate and highly satisfy.

What a privilege it has been for us all, to witness and enjoy the development of JP & Ornery’s compelling, collaborative EP series, tied together beautifully here with ‘Trilogy’ and the impressive efforts of LORRAÎNNE, Ntsha and Zaria.

Through their combined, creative passion our dynamic Flemcy duo brought us infinitely closer together with ‘Proximity’, strengthened our hearts with ‘Equilibrium, sky-rocketed us to the stars with ‘Distance’, and now ‘Trilogy’ shows us that there is nothing more rewarding than finishing what we have begun, with the very best we can give, whilst staying true to ourselves. Let us reflect and be infinitely inspired by this extremely special, Flemcy Music legacy…

Released exclusively on 6th October 2021 on Beatport, 20th October 2021 elsewhere

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