Paul Walter – Collectio EP 2×12″ [Catren]

Paul Walter - Collectio EP [Catren] 01

Paul Walter – Collectio EP 2×12″ [Catren]

It looks like a small number of copies of CATREN004 are now in stock at, so today we’ll take a deeper look at Paul Walter‘s double EP “Collectio” released on Sepp‘s label Catren back in 2019. Delivering four tracks designed in the artist’s distinct and eclectic style, the material follows up on a series of releases coming from the label founder himself as well as Emi Nescu and Crihan.

Austrian DJ and producer Paul Walter is well-known in the international underground electronic music scene for his unique approach to electronic music for quite some time now, having various styles and genres that form immersive sonic atmospheres either we speak of his productions or mixes. Throughout his career, he collaborated with labels like Danzha, Harlo, Neostrictly, Mode Of Expression, Patch Series, Malonian and Aeternum Music, aside from his works released on his own playground Meduka alongside Felix Rupprecht. Presenting one track per each side of the two records in this pack, Paul doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality, emotion and execution.

“Yuil” opens the EP with a steady-paced hypnotic rhythm powered by highly modulated and distorted vocals that flow along ongoing minimalistic percussive patterns and subtle twisted effects that create a warm opening. Next up, “Phobo” drops an uplifting sound elegantly crafted for the dancefloor. Here, the multiple layers engage in a funky swing, using polyphonic melodies and a two-tone theme that drives the track forward alongside discrete drums, a fast-paced bassline and swirling synths.

In contrast, “Hacker” lays out dub-influenced arrangements and mid-ranged basslines that go deeper and deeper into uncharted sound dimensions, while the record spins into an immersive atmosphere. Closing the release, “Rio” showcases the artist’s versatility, as he rather explores IDM-bound rhythms and textures, smoothly mixed with harsh industrial snares and aethereal vocals.

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Collectio EP at

Artists: Paul Walter
Title: Collectio EP
Label: Catren
Cat. number: CATREN004
Release date: 08.08.2019
Format: 2×12″ Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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