Fresh music from Ukrainian artists on Bandcamp

Fresh music from Ukrainian artists on Bandcamp

Discover some of the latest releases by Ukrainian artists, and extend your support for their amazing music.

To express our gratitude for independent artists living in Ukraine during war times, we published a few articles about some of the prominent figures in the underground electronic music scene. Recently we released two VA (vol I & vol II) compilations featuring artists from Romania, Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany, Israel, USA, Argentina, Venezuela, to raise money for Ukrainian artists we previously worked with.

Unfortunately, a lot of artists were forced to leave their studios and their homes. Many of them are trapped in conflict zones and are facing non-stop acts of terror and aggression. From our understanding, there is no direct helpline in Ukraine for independent artists, and they have to handle the day to day struggles on their own.

We encourage you to listen to these fantastic productions and extend your support for their music.

We will keep updating the article, so you can revisit it soon.

Artreform – Киев, Ukraine

Artreform is a Ukrainian music label, our ideology is sincere music having the soul!

Our mission is to find, develop and propagate all the best in the surrounding world of dance music being a conductor between the audience and the artist.

We don’t ignore trends, but we do our best to have our own face.”


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Ilya Cheise [Aimed]Kyiv, Ukraine

“Hey all!

I think everyone already knows what is happening in Ukraine and many people are left without work, at best, and some without their own housing or without life at all.

I was lucky, at the moment I just don’t have a job and I had to go to the other side of my country to live.

If someone has the opportunity to support me financially by buying a couple of my tracks I will be very grateful to you. This will help me and my loved ones to survive this difficult moment for our country.”


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Tvir (record label) – Kharkiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian imprint Tvir (translated “composition” from Ukrainian) presents an impressive catalogue featuring remarkable compositions by Romar, Strukturator, Komponente and Guy from downstairs, just to name a few. 

The artworks for the EPs are inspired by Ukrainian folklore. Concept by Iulia & Viacheslav Hura. Design by Anastasia Tretiak.

“Tvir open sales past vinyl-only releases in digital format via Bandcamp.

Recently PayPal started working in Ukraine, and I wanna test it to see if we can get money back from Bandcamp and transfer it to a card.”

Komponente aka Viacheslav Hura

You can directly donate to Komponente aka Viacheslav Hura here: UA523052990000026209739174551

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Kirik – Kherson, Ukraine

“My name is Kirill. I am a Ukrainian dj and producer. I love electronic music and collect vinyl records from all over the world. I am also known as Kirik. 

On February 19 I returned to my home in Kherson, Ukraine after the European tour. On February 24, we faced the war. 

Right now our city is occupied by Russian troops. We cannot leave the city or Ukraine. We have to hide in the dirty basement while rockets are falling down on our roofs. 

In this horrible situation, it is hard to create music but I still try my best to do it, because my family lost all the income since our entire family business got destroyed.”

Kirill Kirik

Read the full story and support Kirill‘s campaign on Gofundme.

Grab your copies on Bandcamp.

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