Kirik – Break The Regime & After Darkness Comes Light

Kirik - Break The Regime & After Darkness Comes Light

Kirik – Break The Regime & After Darkness Comes Light

My name is Kirill and I’m a Ukrainian musical promoter located in Poland. I am a creator and I run an event agency „Lucky Breeze”, promoting minimal and micro music from Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states, which is the same genre that my mentor and close friend Kirik promotes.
Sadly. Due to the inhuman Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kirik and his family are currently kept in bomb shelters. Seeing one of the bright talents like him in this situation knowing that his music helped and inspired a whole new generation of artists, including me. It does indeed hurt but it is also got the fire that ignites our passion as artists to fight and help spread their voices throughout the music. I do believe that It is a crucial time the cultural Renaissance needs to start, and we, worldwide minimal producers shall be the ones leading it. Let these dark times be the ones that unite people culturally and ideologically and I am more than ready to be a part of this great, honourable musical movement that will connect all of us as one.

Despite everything, these are tough times for my loved ones.
But we will prevail.
Let the world unite around the truth.
Now I’m working on the cultural centre in Poland Baltic ever since geopolitical changes and I am going to promote Ukrainian music with the support of the polish minimal community that I am deeply connected with and have been for years.
Polish minimal music community is a bunch of great people that inspire, motivate and give me strength every day to keep making the things that I am passionate about and keep going in that direction.
They also gave me hope for a better future with music when I needed it the most, I am very grateful for them and I know all of you reading this are going to love them too.
Will you be interested in taking part in this?
Being in Poland for some time now I started to promote and integrate Ukrainian and Polish minimal music communities, the Ukrainian side was cumulating in Poland since the mass emigration back in 2014, and now they united as one.
And when the war started, it happened to reunite us all in many ways.
In order to support and raise awareness, I’m organising a series of digital albums with music from Ukrainian producers and all of their friends and colleagues from all over the world – including Poland.
There also will be a bunch of live streams and videos from Ukrainian producers that shall play from their home country.

Grab your copies of Break The Regime & After Darkness Comes Light on Bandcamp.

Kirik - Kherson, Ukraine

“My name is Kirill. I am a Ukrainian dj and producer. I love electronic music and collect vinyl records from all over the world. I am also known as Kirik. 

On February 19 I returned to my home in Kherson, Ukraine after the European tour. On February 24, we faced the war. 

Right now our city is occupied by Russian troops. We cannot leave the city or Ukraine. We have to hide in the dirty basement while rockets are falling down on our roofs. 

In this horrible situation, it is hard to create music but I still try my best to do it, because my family lost all the income since our entire family business got destroyed.”

Kirill Kirik

Read the full story and support Kirill‘s campaign on Gofundme.

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