Various Artists – Tvir 009 [TVIR]

Various Artists - Tvir 009 [TVIR]

Various Artists – Tvir 009 [TVIR]

TVIR presents a new Various Artists compilation that features selected musicians and representatives of the Ukrainian underground scene, residents of the Kyiv Closer Club, founders of Odessa DSK Port and Kharkiv Trance Pandemic Krew. Showcasing a unique combination of techno, acid techno, breakbeat and progressive sounds, the material dubbed “Metaverse Sound Fiction” brings together label head Komponente, Kurilo, Microwave Omen, Yate, Badmango, Saxr and Pahatam. The record arrives in a limited number of copies so make sure you grab yours in time.

In an effort to support Ukrainian artists during these hard times, we published several articles that will help you discover their amazing electronic music scene and be able to directly help those trapped in the conflict. Here’s a list of 15 compilations released in solidarity with Ukraine, a list with some of the latest releases from various Ukrainian artists and an article that will present some of them in more depth. On our Bandcamp page you will also find the 3 volumes of “Peace in Ukraine” VA series dispatched so far in order to raise some money for independent artists facing difficult moments.

Side A opens with “Volva”, the collaborative track between Komponente and Kurilo, dropping a twisted combination of acidic textures and alluring vocal samples led by a steady-paced rhythm set at around 125 bpm. Following, Microwave Omen delivers an entrancing piece titled “Fictitious Сommunication” that constantly builds tension and creates a hypnotic experience.

On the flipside, we first find Yate and Badmango’s “Uno Momento”, a more abstract composition that includes wobbling acid arpeggios and IDM-infused arrangements while “Space Story” by Saxr goes fully progressive, taking elements from old-school trance music and modern electronica. Closing the VA, “R House” by Pahatam is more focused on breakbeat patterns, intriguing twists and turns as well as an uptempo vibe.

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Artists: Komponente, Kurilo, Microwave Omen, Yate, Badmango, Saxr, Pahatam
Title: Tvir 009 / Metaverse Sound Fiction
Label: TVIR
Cat. number: TVIR009
Release date: 12.08.2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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