Magnus Asberg – So Now LP [Future Is Now Records]

Magnus Asberg For - So Now LP [Future Is Now Records]

Future Is Now Records Invite Veteran Producer Magnus Asberg For “So Now” LP

Founder of Romana Records & On The House Records, Magnus Asberg, is here to grace us with a twelve track album with pure variety and plenty of unexpected moments. The extended body of work “So Now” sits comfortably on US label Future Is Now, following on from a stand out EP from Lou Flores. Magnus has an illustrious back catalogue spanning across multiple decades, yet he never seems to tire or fail to propel innovative music. The album meanders through slick minimal moods and funk-laden house, a blend of genres we have become accustomed to from the long term producer. 

Out 28th May, buy now:

Kicking things off is, “Beat Rhythm”. This one hits hard but keeps things afloat with the dreamy hits underlying the track, sends you into a spiral, and the vocals snap you back to reality. Next, keeping things going, “Bomb Da Bass”, a pure maze of surprise with a french house backdrop. Reminiscent of the old skool, this one certainly delivers the groove. “Boogieman” takes you straight into another world. A combination of disjointed vocals and mind-warping sounds come through while the drums keep it alive and pumping. You can imagine this track shaking the walls in Fabric’s Room 1. A much deeper, slower feel on “Cosmic Girl” but always keeping it moving. There is a great contrast between the rolling drums and the deep synth that comes in and out as the track progresses. “Don’t Be Late” is forever progressing with more layers that take you on a variety of different paths but still keep it tight. Again, more surprises on this track, as is known with Magnus’ previous work.

At the midway point, a truly massive bassline rides throughout on “I Just Want To Fly” while the tripping hi-hats elevate the groove of the track. The contrast between the sub shaking bassline and the flute melody is wild. A track made for the moments. From the get-go “In Love Again” is a party starter. The clean bass arrangements and the emptive synth give feelings of summer. You can hear the ’90s pouring out of this with that garage-esque vocal that flows through the track. “Jack“ is a dance floor heater, the side chaining bass collides with the kick relentlessly and gets you dancing. On the breakdown, it gives the feeling you have fallen into another track only to be shot back regurgitated on the other side. In “Love to Watch You Dance”, straight away the vocals take hold of the track before flashing in and out, giving you space to think. As with the previous tracks, this one keeps it raw and deep. On the breakdown, it strips right back but comes back in full swing. Can feel the Detroit influence on this one.

A chilling melody trickles across “Mitzy”, creating an eerie vibe. As the track progresses, more layers of and textures flurry in and out, adding to the melancholic mood. Nearing the end of the album, the title track, “So Now”, is next with a more low down vibe catering for the early morning vibes. Magnus in fine storytelling form here. 

Rounding off proceedings of this fantastic LP is, “This One Goes Out To”. A fitting end to the journey, maintaining the key vibes of the album, but simultaneously making sure it is pumping. 

It is no surprise Magnus Asberg has conjured up more imaginative music, magic from start to finish, with surprises at every corner. Another great release to add to Future Is Now’s eclectic catalogue who set their grips firmly on another great year in 2021. 

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