Lou Flores – Diez EP [Future Is Now Records]

Lou Flores - Diez EP [Future Is Now Records]

Lou Flores Lands “Diez” EP On Miami Based Future Is Now Records

Marking around six years of operation for the exciting Future Is Now Records imprint, co-founder Lou Flores collaborates with friends for the tenth release on the label. With 15 years of experience with keeping the dance floor busy in Miami’s respected clubs such as Trade, Electric Pickle, Space Miami and many more, it is without a doubt Lou Flores can churn out an EP that’ll transcend us movers on a magical journey. FIN010 does the trick, taking the listener through the galaxy from start to finish.

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Opener “Intergalactic Connection (Drive Mix)” is an amalgamation of slick and quirky minimal sounds, and pensive and hypnotic drum loops. As the track meanders, it slithers its way into your mind, taking full control of your thought processes. “Space Dust (Tool Mix)” rides a similar wave as the opener, transcending and forward-thinking rhythms from Flores. Liquid synths whirl around the crisp belly of the track. The final track from the EP “Timeless Cutoff” is a collaboration with friend and fellow producer, Diego Teran. Picking up the pace and energy as opposed to the preceding tracks, a rippling bass arrangement flows throughout, met with intergalactic pads and clean hi-hats. Further, stand out material from the talented producer. 

Lou Flores takes us on a journey through space with his FIN010 EP, combining electro, house and disco to create this otherworldly feeling on the dancefloor whilst maintaining the electric dance feel which we all know and love. The EP will land in early May. 

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