premiere: Lou Flores & Leand – Tee Ess (Nicolas Barnes Dub Interpretation) [Eli.sound]

Lou Flores & Leand - Tee Ess (Nicolas Barnes Dub Interpretation) [Eli sound] 01

exclusive premiere: Lou Flores & Leand – Tee Ess (Nicolas Barnes Dub Interpretation) [Eli.sound]

Venezuela-based imprint Eli.sound presents an amazing collaborative EP between Lou Flores and Leand alongside solid reinterpretations by Nektar Agu, Nicolas Barnes and label-head Son of Elita. The three original cuts explore deep minimalistic dimensions while the remixes provide solid dubby vibes and intriguing broken beats, perfect for laid-back selections or the afterhours.

Passionate about music since he was very young, Lou Flores became one of Miami’s most popular DJs in the early 2000s, playing at clubs like Space, Treehouse, Trade and Electric Pickle. Nowadays he’s based in Santo Domingo where he spends most of his time in the studio, working on various projects. Among the labels that published his productions we find Drumma, Bla Bla Music, Celo Rec, Samani, Vatos Locos, Echolette, 4Plae and Future Is Now, to name just a few. For this EP he teams up with Leand, known for his releases with Tamango Records, Vandalism Black Series, Alegria Records and Espaci_o Records.

💥 Today we’ll enjoy the Dub Interpretation of “Tee Ess” by Nicolas Barnes exclusively on feeder sound:

Nicolas Barnes started his journey into the underground music scene five years ago and brought forward amazing music through Conceptual Records, Razom, Greyscale Music, Simple Things Records, Welter, Tip Tap, Soblazn, Totoyov and others. His love for dub techno pushed him to establish ECOUL SND in Latvia which counts nine releases until now. The Dub Interpretation for “Tee Ess” reveals a quirky minimal/breaks rhythm elegantly complemented by a strong pulsating bassline, lush background textures and cavernous vocal samples.

The other tracks are equally enjoyable, lending themselves nicely to a spaced-out minimal sound. From shuffling hi-hats that lead engaging rhythms to a mad mixture of synths and pads, this EP sure delivers the vibes. Listen to the snippets below:

Grab your copy of Eli​.​sound Presents: Lou Flores & Leand from Bandcamp.

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Title: Tee Ess (Nicolas Barnes Dub Interpretation)
Release Date: 12.04.2021
Format: Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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