Ramona Yacef announced her new label Lescale

Ramona Yacef has announced her new label Lescale Recordings

Italian DJ and producer, based in Paris, Ramona Yacef has announced her new label Lescale Recordings, and the debut release, ‘Various Artists Vol. 1’

Opening with the percussive trip ‘Orizzonti’, Ramona Yacef creates a deep house feel the atmosphere, built up over a heavy bassline and scratching-like stabs and horns. Eliptica, the brilliant Italian trio from Tuscany, pursue a more electro path with ‘Nobody’s Land’, layered over a hefty bassline and intergalactic synths. Mehdi M, a young talented producer from Cairo, brings in a funky feel with ‘Grooving Ji’. Heavy on the groove, it is a bangin’ club-driven tune. To close out the package, Kristian Amou, DJ, producer and dancer from the collective Point Carré, drops ‘6 Night Time’, with boundless percussive energy and relentless bass movement, to begin with, before emotive synths take things into a darker area.

This musical journey is an analogic, sincere, and hopeful one.

Available in your favorite Music store: https://fanlink.to/Lescale_Recordings-Various_Artists_Vol1

1. Ramona Yacef – ‘Orizzonti’ (Original Mix)
2. Eliptica – ‘Nobody’s Land’ (Original Mix)
3. Mehdi M – ‘Grooving Ji’ (Original Mix)
4. Kristian Amou – ‘6 Night Time’ (Original Mix)

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