Take 5 – Lorenzo Magnozzi

Take 5 lorenzo magnozzi

We had a chat with Lorenzo Magnozzi, producer/DJ and boss of Introspection Records about the formation of the label and their upcoming releases. Check out what he had to say below

Hi Lorenzo, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. What can you tell us about the first release on your own Introspection Records?

Hello everyone, I’m very happy to come back to talk with you, the last time was a few years ago when I released a mixtape for you.
So, after almost four years of Introspection Recordings weve created our limited series only vinyl, I say that this is a very important step for my label because it will give us the opportunity to offer music not only on the digital market but also the vinyl one. All of us have already released music on vinyl but this is our platform and we will certainly be able to better express our creativity. This is just the beginning.

You started DJing from the early age of 14, what was it that brought you to electronic music from such an early age?

It’s been more than ten years since I started spinning records. After all these years I bring with me many experiences that have helped me to grow both as an artist and as a music selector, many new friends all over the world and surely I always carry the same love and passion of when I started.

What inspired you to begin your own label?

I released the first record with Introspection Recordings in June 2015. At that time I decided to give life to my label because the market was full of shit, the labels had full calendars, and they worked like idiots, obviously not all, but the most yes. I did a lot of music, I was studying music, and I had such good friends who did some good music that I played during my shows. Why not open a label to work personally with our music? So it was.

Have there been any unforeseen complications with it being your first release?

Fortunately not for the moment.


How did you manage to get E-dward!, Matthew Redden & BCFHBH on board?

We have grown together, we have been friends for a lifetime. With Matthew and Berna we have been working together on Introspection for many years and they are two great friends and together we have released a lot of music, with Edo we played in the same club many years ago but we have always been good friends and music always joined us, I consider him a great producer and I’m happy to have it with us on this release.


What can we expect from Introspection for the rest of the year?

Our digital calendar is packed with new music and new talent to release and our vinyl-only series is ready until the fourth vinylwere rockets ready to take off.


Do you have any releases of your own upcoming?

I released last June my last Balla Bella Bolla EP vinyl-only on ecsecsecs new imprint and it went very well, almost sold-out, it was supported by Ricardo Villalobos, Tobi Neumann, Nastia, Fabio della Torre, and many others. Now it’s time for my Acid Morning (Space Time) on my Introspection Recordings, and then I cant add anything else.



What was your highlight of 2018?

There have certainly been many beautiful and very special moments on 2018, but the closest one I remember with more love was a few months ago at Tenax when I spent a lot of time together with Ricardo where he thanked me for the music I have given to him.


And finally, what 3 records do you always keep in your bag?

1. Stakker – Stakker Humanoid (Radio Edit)



The big smile on the cover says everything. A double album released by Westside Records made in UK in 1988. Pure acid, I love this tune.

2. Palms Trax – In Gold



For those whove heard me play often, he will surely have recognized this track. I have so much respect and much esteem for Palms Trax, love him, and this record I play it all the time since it was released a few years ago.

3. Chris Wood & Christian Burkhardt – Bed & Butter (Einzelkind Iceberg Slim Megamix)

Three evil minds behind a truly unique piece. Fresh to release for the Oblack label, this remix of Einzelkind was in my DJ set from the summer just left, always present. Unique stuff that crosses many musical visions, the changes with which the different parts of the soul are touched are unique. A visionary track that will remain over the years. Masterpiece.

INTRLTD001 is out soon on Introspection Records.

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