Lipp – Picnic EP (incl. Jack Cheler remix) [Tzinah Records]

TZH203 // Lipp - Picnic EP (incl. Jack Cheler remix) [Tzinah Records]

Lipp – Picnic EP (incl. Jack Cheler remix) [Tzinah Records] – TZH203

It’s spring, and we’re thrilled to welcome back Mr. Lipp from Brazil! Following his remarkable album with us in the past, it’s now time for Lipp to unveil a captivating 4-track EP. This release also features a remix from his fellow countryman and cultural ally, Mr. Jack Cheler.

The synergy between these two artists, both hailing from the vibrant Brazilian music scene, adds a powerful dimension to the EP. With their impressive tunes and stellar releases with us, the connection between Lipp and Jack Cheler shines through in every beat.

Join us on a sonic journey with the “Picnic EP” as we celebrate the artistry and passion of these talented musicians. From Tzinah with Love.

Richie Hawtin: “Downloaded for R Hawtin”
Dubfire: ” Downloaded”
Paco Osuna: ” Will try thanks :)”
Michel de hey: ” thanks for sharing!!”
Los Bastoneros: ” Thanks”
Chico Fadelli: ” thanks!”
Primarie: “Top ep!!! thank you guys”
Vern: ” Beautiful work!”
Eddy Romero: ” The remix is killer but originals will be used also”
CVTKVC: ” thx”
Luc Ringeisen: ” Thanks for sending !”
Mryn: ” hell yeah”
Adroit: ” Thanks!”
Octile / DoubleTrouble: ” Mesmerizing sounds”
Da Chan: ” Good one”
Sahm: ” fireeeeeeee”
Rei Calero: ” Very dreamy and trippy: cool stuff!”
Brand: ” Really nice grooves on Alone Again and As Lagrimas – will support! Thanks”
csurt: ” Thanks you :)”
Vygo: ” Very smooth EP! thank you!”
jack cheler: ” Goooo”
Mihut: ” thanks”
Pablo Cornejo: ” Thanks for the music!”
fiL: ” Thank you!”
Spiri:tual: ” Super nice EP. Well done!”
Junker: ” Nice!”
Pawlo Tojeda: ” top sounds: like it

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